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Sam Dobson Writes: Temporary Roof

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Temporary Roof

My two days off this week were non-stop. On Wednesday, my boyfriend and I took his little brother and cousin to the Wild Animal Park in San Diego. It was fun, but oh-so-hot! From the moment we walked into the park we saw some pretty cool animals. We met some gorillas and lions, watched the bird show, and rode the safari tram. It was turning out to be a pretty good day. Then we decided to walk the “Tiger Trail”. Who wouldn’t want to see the ferocious tiger? It would have been worth it if there were tigers to see…there were no tigers and no other animals for that matter on this treacherous trail. Sweating in jeans in 90 degree weather, I was not amused as I hiked up this steep path for no apparent reason! Needless to say, I got a bit cranky. My only relief came when we were back in the air conditioned car on our way home.
We made time for packing the last couple of days as we are supposed to move out next Friday. Trying to be responsible and not wait until the last minute to pack, despite the fact that we don’t have a new place yet. Yikes! A week away and we still don’t have a new place! Don’t ask me how I am not completely freaking out. I guess I am banking on us finding the perfect place last minute. I know, I know, it’s very risky.
Packing is weird. Having moved about ten times already in the past six years, I have had plenty of experience with packing. It is very strange putting your entire life in boxes. Every time I do it, my life becomes smaller. I donate more clothes, throw away more junk. I will admit that all this moving has kept me from becoming a packrat. The down side, I haven’t had a real home since I was in high school living with my mom. I have temporary living spaces for several months or a year, but as soon as I’m comfortable and settled its time to move again. Nevertheless, I am extremely lucky. I always have clothes on my back, food in my tummy, and a roof over my head (even if it is a different roof every year).
Well, I am off. I must continue my search for the next temporary roof.
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