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Sam Dobson Writes: It's all about the Money, Honey!

Monday, March 12, 2012

It's all about the Money, Honey!

  Happy Monday everyone! I know, I know, Monday's suck. Saying "goodbye" to the weekend and "hello" to the work week is not fun, especially when you had as good of a weekend as I had. It wasn't an extraordinary weekend. There was no big event or crazy partying; I just had a good weekend. Friday night consisted of a failed attempt at a dinner date with my boyfriend. Upon realizing that we would have to wait at least an hour to be seated at any restaurant at 8pm on a Friday night, we went on a mission to find In & Out. Exhausted by our frivolous expedition, we ended the night cuddled up on the couch with a movie. Saturday was a gorgeous day, made complete by barbequing some delicious carne asada on our patio, with an ocean view. We took the dogs to the beach on Sunday, which made for great entertainment. Wrapped up the weekend by attending a comedy show Sunday night. Like I said, nothing spectacular, but a great weekend nevertheless.                  
 This was my first stand up comedy show and it was a woman-themed show. There were five female comedians who were all "funny housewives". I wasn't expecting too much, but it was actually pee-your-pants-funny at times. Of course, most of the jokes only women would understand. The last comedian of the night was making jokes about money and the economy. She began to persuade the audience to not worry about money so much, instead go out and have some fun. This notion can be controversial at times. As Americans, we are taught that our goal should be to get a good job where we can make a lot of money so we can have nice things. Saving money is something I battle with constantly. My savings account has experienced a yo-yo effect over the past seven years or so.
 I try to save, but life gets in the way sometimes. Having been on my own since I was eighteen, there hasn't been a whole lot of extra money lying around. Aside from the never-ending bills, my savings also falls victim to opportunity. I guess I live my life somewhat according to the motto of the last comedian of the night. If all of my girl friends are going to a concert or going wine tasting, I'll scrap together the cash so I don't miss out. Sometimes you need to go out and dance the night away, not think about money when you hand the bartender another twenty bucks. The experiences you will never forget, like a weekend in Vegas, are worth the extra dough.
  I would say that I spend within reason. It's not every weekend I'm out spending tons of money on extracurricular activities. Case in point, the weekend I just had did not consist of any expensive late nights. It also helps that I get buyer's remorse for almost any purchase I make, even the necessary purchases get me worrying. Our clothes dryer died on us and after months of painstakingly hang drying all of our clothes we finally bit the bullet and bought a dryer. I couldn't afford a brand new one so we turned to Craigslist.com. I found a dryer in good condition for a hundred dollars and still it gave me a pang in my side to spend the money. I think I inherited this trait from my financially savvy, penny-pinching grandpa. I am thankful for this though, I'm sure my financial situation would be far worse off if I was not, for the most part, cautious with my money.
 I guess it’s about balance. You might not want to blow all your cash if you are planning on living tomorrow and the next day. We need to have financial stability to fund our futures, i.e. getting married, buying a house, having kids. We also need to enjoy ourselves. Don’t be afraid to buy those tickets to see your favorite band or to purchase admission to the amusement park you’ve wanted to visit since you were a kid. Don’t waste your whole life feeling guilty for having a life.

Enjoy yourselves,

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