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Sam Dobson Writes: Why You Should Be Celebrating Champagne Friday

Friday, March 16, 2012

Why You Should Be Celebrating Champagne Friday

Happy Champagne Friday Everyone!

Champagne Friday? I'm glad you asked. It all started with my husband's new job he started at the beginning of the year. He came home on the Friday of his first week all excited to tell me about what would be our new tradition. His bosses, a married couple, have traditionally done Champagne Friday for years and years, and we have since adopted the concept. Quite simply, Champagne Friday is a celebration.

champagne friday

Some may dislike the idea, stating that champagne is meant for special occasions like engagements or promotions. While I agree that such occasions should be toasted to with champagne, I will argue that champagne shouldn't be limited to such few events. The point of Champagne Friday is to acknowledge your weekly achievements while celebrating the beginning of the weekend. We pop the bubbly, well we saber the bubbly since my aunt has taught us how, and we take turns announcing one accomplishment of the week. This is how we start every Friday night, even if we are planning on simply cuddling up on the couch to watch a movie. 

Champagne Friday is a great way to recognize the hard work and positive outcomes of the dreaded work week, even if the positive is that you simply survived to see another weekend. Some weeks I have a lot to brag about, most weeks I'm just glad it's over and I made it through without pulling my hair out. It's important that we give ourselves credit on a regular basis. Even if sometimes it feels like you aren't doing the best you can, Champagne Friday is a motivator. When I have accomplished something noteworthy, I can't wait to announce it and raise my glass. It's a weekly reminder that I can do better, and that I will do bigger things. And who wouldn't want to start the weekend in such a way?

So, I invite you to adopt our tradition, if even just once. I promise it will make you feel inspired and truly motivated. Pop that champagne and give yourself the credit you deserve. (Click here for a list of my favorite affordable champagnes.)

Cheers to us,

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