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Sam Dobson Writes: Warning: High Maintenance

Monday, March 5, 2012

Warning: High Maintenance

Good Morning Ladies,

Some may be wondering why I would address this post to "ladies" instead of "ladies and gentlemen". Well, this post is dedicated to ladies everywhere. Still confused? Let me explain...

Chit-chatting with my coworkers yesterday, we were discussing haircuts. A male employee was complaining that he went to a new place to get his hair cut and it cost him $20 instead of the normal $10 range he is used to paying. Of course, we ladies in the room look at each other and simultaneously roll our eyes. If only our haircuts were $20! If you want your hair done right and don't want to risk going to a cheap, chain of hair salons, you will be paying no less than $60 for a simple hair cut. I am not complaining, I love getting my hair done and think it's worth the money if it makes me feel that much prettier.

This talk of male versus female haircuts got me thinking about how much more work it is to be a woman than it is to be a man. If any men are reading this, they are sighing and saying "Oh, please!" My ladies reading this are saying "I know, right?!" I watch my boyfriend get ready for his grown up job and find myself envious of how effortless it is for him to look simply dashing. He showers and shaves whatever stubble may be growing on his face, puts on his suit and spritz on cologne, brushes his teeth and he is out the door. If only it were that easy!

For women, it's a whole other story. Women are high maintenance. I'm sorry girls, there is just no other way to put it. In general, we take a lot of maintenance. Like I was saying earlier, a woman's hair needs up keep. Aside from getting a cut, if you are like me, you require some highlights for added definition. Those highlights need to be touched up about every six weeks. Once you've paid an arm and a leg to get the perfect cut and color, you still have to style it every day at home: curling, straightening, ponytail, up-do, etc. It all takes time and effort.

Next, we work on the face. This is real life, not a romantic comedy where the lead female wakes up looking oh-so-gorgeous. No, real women have to start over every day. Aside from daily maintenance of your skin such as scrubbing, masking, and moisturizing, there comes the appliance of make-up. Whether it's a natural, casual look or a dramatic, out-on-the-town look, it takes time and sometimes talent. Oh, and of course we can't forget to pluck our eyebrows.

If any guys have even bothered to read this far, I am sure they are running away now. Well boys, that's just scrapping the surface of all the work we do to keep ourselves feeling pretty. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining. Heck, I don't even bother with half of the ritualistic procedures I have mentioned. I would love to style my hair in those whimsical waves that make any woman look beautiful, but for the life of me, I cannot successfully curl my hair. My current occupation does not require professional attire, so I have taken on a very laidback, even lazy on some days, look. I wear jeans and any t-shirt I don't mind getting dirty. I barely ever do my hair, usually resorting to throwing it up in a bun. I have completely weaned my face off of make-up during the work week. I don't even bother putting my contacts in; I rock my glasses all week long. However, when the weekend comes and plans are made, the glasses come off and the heels come out.

I like to feel pretty, as I am sure most girls do. I don't mind all the work, especially when I know my best friend is going to take on her role as paparazzi all night long. While I find myself complaining now and then about the work it takes to get myself ready to walk out the front door, I will admit that I wouldn't have it any other way. I want to feel comfortable when I am out and about, not wish I had actually plucked my eyebrows when its too late to do anything about it. I guess that's why we torture ourselves. It's not for our men, okay maybe a little bit for them, but more importantly, it's for us. If it takes a little eye make up and a rockin' pair of heels to make you feel pretty, then rock on sister.

So, again, this one is for my fellow women. I salute you ladies who curl your hair every morning, plan out your outfits the night before, and actually shave your legs routinely. Cheers to you girls, for doing what it takes to make yourselves feel beautiful!

Much respect,



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