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Sam Dobson Writes: Adoption is for Lovers

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Adoption is for Lovers

Happy news people! My handful of readers out there who actually read each post (props to you guys!) may remember a couple of weeks ago I posted about one of my favorite creatures in the world, dogs, and a potential threat from Governor Brown's proposed California State Budget. In case you need a refresher or if you just clicked the "like" button instead of reading it (still appreciated, by the way) Gov. Brown proposed a reversal of Hayden Law in order to "save" the state some more money. Currently, Hayden Law protects our homeless animal friends by, among other things, requiring shelters to provide medical care to the sick or injured and ensure that the animals get at least four to six days before being euthanized.

Talk about Douche Bag of the Year!!! As if four to six days wasn't enough of a death sentence, the Gov. has the audacity to allow stressed and overcrowded shelters to euthanize after just a couple of days of receiving an animal. Can you imagine being on vacation and by some unfortunate accident, the pet sitter lets your dog out? The pup ends up at the shelter and by the time you have come home, they have euthanized your best friend at the "okay" from Douche Bag Brown. Anyways, thanks to all the dog and cat lovers out there who wrote angry emails and called assembly members to scold them, both the state Senate and the California Assembly Budget Committees have rejected Douche Bag Brown's proposed repeal of the Hayden Law and will not be included in the budget currently being considered for California.

This is just a small victory for our animal friends. The real battle is public awareness. A lot of people are up in arms because the cities of Orange County are one by one starting to ban pet stores selling dogs and cats. To clarify, businesses that sell puppies for profit are getting the boot. Shelters and licensed breeders are in the clear. Many argue that this ban on retail pet stores is "putting people out of business". This is in no way the intention of these new city ordinances. The reasoning behind these bans stems back to a darker truth. Most of the puppies that end up in the windows of pet stores are purchased by the store owner from puppy mills. The conditions in puppy mills are horrific. The ones that survive to be shipped to upscale pet stores end up cramped in tiny cages until they are purchased for a hefty price. Dogs purchased from pet stores often contract illnesses from being in such tight proximity with dozens of other puppies, all too young to have received more than a vaccine or two.

I support these ordinances. I have always been the one to stop by Wretzel's Pretzels while my friends went to "ooh" and "ahh" at all the cute pups. It just depressed me. I wish I could take them all just give them a better life. Back up to my lottery post...I will buy a huge ranch some day and rescue as many dogs as I can! Many people may even assume they are doing good by "rescuing" a pup from his tiny cage at a pet store, but in reality they are putting money into the puppy mill system. Unfortunately, when you buy a retail puppy your money is most likely funding those awful conditions many come from. Besides, adopting is the better way to go. It's always cheaper than buying from a breeder or retail and you know your money is going back into the shelter or rescue. The dogs from shelters have to be up to date on their shots and spayed or neutered, meaning less work for you! I can't tell you how often we get customers at the boarding facility who have purchased a pup from a pet store and have no knowledge of the puppy vaccines they are supposed to be getting every other week. The best part of adopting is that you can find one-of-a-kind pups with awesome personalities!

Both of my dogs, Ignatius and Hades, are rescues. Wouldn't change a thing about them!

My intention is not to leave you on a depressing note, remember the good we just accomplished! We have saved Hayden Law, ensuring that homeless cats and dogs will have a better chance at finding a forever home. Take that, Governor Douche Bag!

Spread the word: adoption is for lovers,



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