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Sam Dobson Writes: Always Point Pepper Spray AWAY from your Face!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Always Point Pepper Spray AWAY from your Face!

Good Morning Readers,

It's that time again, the time I dread more than anything....moving time. For those of you that know me on a more personal level, you know that I have moved about eleven times over the past seven years!!! I cannot wait until I put the down payment on my first house that I will live in for at least five years. Anyways, we move out by the end of the month. Naturally, I have already started to pack so I don't get overwhelmed with trying to shove everything in boxes at the last minute.

I started yesterday with random stuff, decorations on the fireplace mantel, magnets off the fridge, and cleaning out that junk drawer that everyone has in their kitchen. In the junk drawer I came across a decent sized can of pepper spray. Some of you may be thinking that is strange, but I was the one who had put it there. A year ago, I caught an employee stealing money and upon being fired, he and his girlfriend didn't take it well. My car got keyed several times and I received threats from the girlfriend. So, I bought pepper spray from Big 5 just incase the crazy bitch actually did try to attack me (she was easily twice my size). It was a two pack, one for my key chain and a slightly bigger one that I decided belonged in the junk drawer.

Aside from having crazy people threatening me, that year I was also in class at Cal State Fullerton until 10pm. Walking a mile to your car at 10pm in Fullerton is just sketchy, so the pepper spray had duel purpose. I have always believed in being prepared. My girlfriends have always laughed at me for notoriously carrying a pocket knife in my purse. Some of you may be thinking to yourself right now that I am a crazy lady wielding a knife. Not true, I had a reason for that too. When I was eighteen years old I worked as a waitress at a bar and restaurant called Dukes in San Clemente. Not only did it attract a rather rowdy crowd that would sometimes break out into massive brawls, but I often got off very late and had to weed through the drunks outside to get to my car. So, my boyfriend at the time gave me his pocket knife to carry in my apron...he also taught me how to use it. I got in the habit of keeping it on me, but when I got the pepper spray I decided I could retire the knife. Pepper spray is safer for me to use...or so I thought.

Back to the present, I was cleaning out the junk drawer and came across the industrial-sized pepper spray. I realized that it didn't appear to be locked and thought it was necessary before packing it away in a box. I pushed the trigger on the side, meaning to slide into the locked position. My finger slipped and the next thing I know I have pepper sprayed my kitchen wall. Surprised, yet glad I had it pointed away from me, I grabbed a paper towel and simply wiped down the tiled wall that had been assaulted with the peppery substance. I went back to what I was doing until I realized that I indeed had managed to mess myself up with pepper spray. First, my throat got a tingling sensation and I began to cough uncontrollably. I quickly grabbed a bottle of water and started to chug. Feeling a bit of relief, I locked the pups outside on the patio so they wouldn't inhale the spray as I had done. Soon, my nose started to profusively run and upon wiping it, started to burn! The burning sensation was so bad that I was sure I would have a bright red nose for days! I let the house air out and kept clear of the area until the effects had disappeared.

Well, we know pepper spray straight to the face would be highly effective! I recommend every woman carry one, just as a precaution. You never know when some psycho straight out of Criminal Minds or Laws and Order: SVU will attack you on your way to your car at night. Not trying to freak anyone out, but its true. I took a self defense class the same semester that I had class until 10pm and the teacher did a great job at scaring the hell out of us. Too bad I can barely remember any of the techniques he taught us. I do remember his key phrase, "awareness". He drilled it in our heads to get off our phones and pay attention to what is going on around us. When I made the scary journey from my classroom to my car at 10pm, you can bet I had my pepper spray in my hand and kept my eyes open, scanning my surroundings. Sounds crazy, but I was always prepared for someone to jump out of the bushes. Pepper spray in one hand and car keys in the other.

So a dousing of pepper spray reminded me of why I carry it. It wasn't a fun experience, but after I could breathe again I realized it was kind of a funny story. A funny story with a lesson, always point pepper spray AWAY from your face!

Remember to always be aware,



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