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Sam Dobson Writes: Everyone has a Secret

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Everyone has a Secret

Happy Sunday Funday Everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday, whether you're church going or bar hopping. Unfortunately, I am busy catering to seventy or so dogs today. Lucky for me, I can enjoy my favorite part about Sundays no matter where I am as long as I have internet access: Post Secret. Every Sunday a fresh batch of wonderfully unique secrets are posted on postsecret.com. If you aren't already aware of this site, I suggest you check it out.

I was first introduced to this site about five years ago by my creative writing teacher. He was hopeful it would bring us some inspiration. Ever since then I have given the site my undivided attention every Sunday. I very carefully read each secret, taking it all in. I find it all very fascinating, the public declaration of people's most private thoughts and actions. Of course, the only reason this public display of secrets works is because it is anonymous.

Every Sunday I read the secrets. Some are sad and heartbreaking, others are hopeful and uplifting. There are plenty that make me cringe or feel sick to my stomach, especially the ones that are just disgusting in nature. I am a sucker for the romantic ones, and find a slight satisfaction in the spiteful ones. Some make me laugh out loud, while others leave me jaw dropped.  Frequently I will contemplate which secret I would dare to send in. Despite the ponderings, I have never actually sent in a secret. What secret would I even allow to leave my private thoughts through my pen? What kind of pretty design would get my secret posted for the entire world to see, making me feel incredibly vulnerable?

It never happens though. Instead, I revel in all the other secrets and wonder who the people are behind them. The idea is genius; giving people an outlet to where they can anonymously reveal their deepest, darkest, and most intimate secrets. It's beautiful in a way, this collection of private thoughts. I would argue that it may even be therapeutic. In that case, I urge you all to not only check out the site when you have a minute (Sunday secrets are kept up all week until a new batch is posted the next Sunday), but maybe even to send in a secret of your own if you're brave enough.
I'm off to indulge in the wonderfully, mysterious secrets of others.

Your secrets are safe with me,



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