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Sam Dobson Writes: Memories of Home

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Memories of Home

As those of you who have read my last post already know, I am moving this weekend...again! I have a complicated, love-hate relationship with the act of moving. I hate packing and I absolutely hate having to physically lug heavy stuff from one place to another; however, I love the excitement of moving into a new place. I have fun making it mine, or ours (can't forget about the boy). I don't mind unpacking and organizing because that is the part that makes the new place home. Placing our belongings accordingly and dressing the walls in our photos gives it a touch of our personalities. That is the part I enjoy.

Over the past couple of weeks, once the packing started, I have declared several times that I would be happy if our stuff would somehow teleport to the new place. We would sign papers, write a check, get the keys, and viola! The first night would consist of toasting to new beginnings while cozying up on the couch instead of cleaning and unpacking in sweaty clothes. I guess the work that goes into moving makes it more meaningful, like you've earned it. Moving so many times over the past decade has given me a profound appreciation for the effort and energy that goes into picking your life up and placing it in a different location.

Packing also gives you the opportunity to really go through your stuff. It's a good time to throw away the useless and, quite frankly, just plain trash you have lying around the house. You know you will never see me on an episode of Hoarders. I've moved too many times, made too many trips to the dump and Salvation Army. Another positive of moving, you end up giving to the needy, at least I do. Every time I move I sort through all my clothes, kitchen stuff, etc. Anything that is in good shape and unwanted by myself gets donated. Most of the time it's a good-sized pile of never-been-worn clothes. My houses are always free of clutter.

I wrote a post a little under a year ago about how I am always moving. I was complaining about how I am always under a temporary roof for about a year and then I'm packing again. This roof, I hope to stay under for at least two years. I can't complain, especially about the house we are getting ready to leave. I have always had a roof over my head and sometimes (like the Laguna Beach house we are in now) it's a spectacular house. I have been fortunate enough to live a comfortable life. The many places I've lived are the homes of a lot of good memories. I guess that is why I accept the act of moving. We have a new home waiting for us. Waiting for us to meticulously place our furniture, hang our pictures, and make more memories.

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