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Sam Dobson Writes: The Curse of Ignorance

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Curse of Ignorance

Good Morning All!

Just a warning, this post will not be uplifting or inspirational. It will be the complete opposite. This is purely a post where I vent my frustration. Therefore, I will not be offended if you skip this one. Although, some of you may now be curious as to what has upset me so much. I'll tell you.

A few days ago I was browsing Facebook when I came across a post about a six year old boxer who has ended up at the Downey shelter. Immediately noticing that this boxer looks identical to my seven year old boxer Achilles, down to the undocked tail, I proceeded to the article that broke my heart. This poor boy's owner died and the next door neighbors where unable to locate family members of the deceased. So, they decided to dump the grieving dog at the Downey pound.

I will give these neighbors the benefit of the doubt. I will assume that they aren't dog people and have no idea what the conditions of county pounds are. However, ignorance is no excuse. Upon a bit of research they may have been able to place him with a more suitable, pro humane rescue organization. Being a dog lover, particularly a boxer lover, this story would not leave my mind at peace. I have been dwelling and dwelling on this poor boy, checking the Downey Pound's website every hour to see if someone has rescued this sad, lonely dog.

Despite the shelter workers telling me that there is a lot of interest in this boxer, he has yet to be adopted. This boy has been at the pound since May 9th, that is longer than most pound puppies get to find a new home. The articles say he is a staff favorite, very sweet but obviously depressed. Can you blame him?! He just lost his only companion of six years and then gets dumped into doggie hell! Needless to say, I immediately called my mother and reminded her that I would haunt every family member if they did not find a suitable home for my dogs upon my untimely demise (knock on wood that doesn't happen).

I know, I have ruined your day. Your once upbeat attitude about it being so near the weekend has slid into Debbie-downer mode. I apologize. All of you that know me, know I will not leave you hanging like this. Rest assure, if this poor boy still isn't adopted, I will find a way to help him. I pray that someone would show my four-legged children the same kindness.

To be continued...

***UPDATE: I called the Downey shelter at 12:20pm on Thursday and found out that this boxer was adopted at 11:45am. I hope he found a forever home that will provide him with plenty of love!



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