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Sam Dobson Writes: Love is Love is Love

Friday, May 11, 2012

Love is Love is Love

Happy Champagne Friday All!

One thing to celebrate this Friday, the President declaring his support for same-sex marriage. I was quite pleased when I heard the news. It is baffling that in a "free nation" people are still getting denied a basic right. To put it bluntly, I don't believe it is any of the Government's business who it's citizens marry, or anyone else for that matter. The only people who should be concerned are those actually saying their vows to one another. I just don't understand why people get so concerned with how others choose to live their lives.

The most common argument is that same-sex marriage is unnatural and that marriage should be between a man and a woman. It wasn't that long ago that relationships between people of different race were believed to be unnatural and against the law. Both allegations are ridiculous. Who is anyone to judge? Being gay is not a crime and thus, those who define themselves as so should not be treated as second-class citizens.

To the angry, ignorant assholes who make it there mission to keep same-sex marriage from happening I ask you, why do you care? How does it affect you? Is your own life so horrible that you are hellbent on spreading your misery? Get over it! Same-sex marriages aren't threatening the sanctity of marriage, not in a society enthralled with reality shows like "Who wants to Marry a Millionaire", "The Bachelor", and "My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance". Arranging marriages between complete strangers for money on national television is not protecting the sanctity of marriage.

My favorite college professor often talked about a theory she called parallax. Long story short, parallax basically argues that no two people's feelings and experiences are the same. In other words, every view point is unique. I can't even imagine what it would feel like not being allowed by law to marry the person I loved, having my government tell me my relationship is morally wrong. Those who oppose same-sex marriage obviously don't understand the concept of parallax. They have never thought about how it would feel to have the fate of their personal relationship on public trial, for the whole world to debate. It's an ugly reality with an utter lack of sympathy.

We can't control who we love and it shouldn't matter who is on the receiving end of it. Love isn't about worrying what others think. Love isn't concerned with race or gender. Love doesn't require wealth and status. Love has no need for judgment. In love, there is no room for hate. Love requires understanding, sympathy, and equality. That is why love makes us better people.

Love always,



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