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Sam Dobson Writes: Temporary Laziness

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Temporary Laziness

Good Morning All,

I hope you all had a good three day weekend full of bbq, booze, and sun. Mine was short, but sweet. And look at that, we are already one day away from the next weekend. I love weeks like this; the ones that just fly by, it seems like Sunday turned into Monday and then it was Friday. This is how I've felt all week. I let the day waste away until there is no more time left before bed and I haven't accomplished a single thing. It's a waste, really. I sit on the couch watching reruns of Prison Break with my boyfriend and constantly think about all the more productive things I could be doing, like writing!

I call this phenomenon "temporary laziness". The lifeless, almost comatose, state usually lasts only a couple of days, at the longest about a week. Symptoms include the inability to move your legs, carelessness regarding appearance, uncontrollable lust for your bed, procrastination of common tasks such as keeping house, loss of enthusiasm (even for sex), aversion to any food that isn't fast, and a perpetual sense of inertia. Sounds terrifying, doesn't it? Despite my inner monologue telling me to get off my ass, I simply cannot will my self to do so until the "temporary laziness" passes.

I'm sure many of you have fallen victim to these symptoms and the irritatingly useless feeling they bestow on you. You've read the previous paragraph and are now certain that you have experienced this before. The next logically thought: is there a cure? Not a cure necessarily, more like a regimen. It's the little ways in which you address the laziness that can break the spell. Don't push snooze when your alarm goes off. Unplug the television and take your dog for a walk. Do not allow yourself to stop for drive-through on your way home from work. The most effective way to wake up from your coma is to say yes to sex. If a good romp won't snap you out of it, what will?

The tough part for me is to not beat myself up after I finally come to (no pun intended). Once I've shed the idleness and become animated again, I start to feel guilty about all the time I wasted during my stupor. What is the sense in that? Yeah, I wasted a good amount of time but if I sit there and dwell I am again wasting time. Ah! The madness! I have to tell my inner monologue to shut the fuck up and move on. Time to put on my running shoes and exercise the dogs. The house needs a good scrub. My mind needs some stimulation, time to whip out my trusty pen and paper. This is how you recover. Keep moving, keep working, keep living. It's okay to take a hiatus from your busy life and devote a day to movies in bed, but the next morning you better spring to life when that alarm goes off.

Energetically yours,



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