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Sam Dobson Writes: Let's Talk about Sex, Baby

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Let's Talk about Sex, Baby

Good Morning Friends,

I hope your work week is running smoothly so far. Today is Wednesday, or what I often hear people refer to as "Hump Day". While I don't find the title all that flattering, I do find it amusing when people post "Happy Hump Day" on Facebook. Although, something makes me wonder if those are the people who aren't actually doing any of the humping. Am I making any of you uncomfortable, talking about sex? If I am I apologize and urge you to turn back now.

As human beings, sex is a big part of our lives. It's a natural and utterly habitual practice for the majority of people. Despite being so commonplace, there is still this sort of taboo, or in my case a shyness surrounding the discussion of sex. Don't mistake me for a prude. You know those Girl's Nights I'm always blabbering away about? Those are frequently dominated by talk of what goes on in between our sheets. However, I have been resisting the discussion of fornication on my blog. I guess this is because I know who will be reading it. It's embarrassing to talk about such private matters with your boss, family members, or worse yet, your mother-in-law. I feel more comfortable giving sex advice to complete strangers! Nevertheless, this is an experiment.

Why should I be ashamed to discuss sex when it is so ingrained in our culture and has been for centuries? Aside from the hundreds of movie sex scenes that would make you extremely uncomfortable to watch with your mother and the thousands of song lyrics you find shocking when sung naively by a 10 year old, sex is everywhere. Especially abundant in education, we are introduced to sex-ed in fifth grade. Taught the nitty-gritty bits of it and shown a rather traumatizing video of woman giving birth. That image doesn't go away, at least for women since we are the poor creatures who will be enduring that torture. Next, there is Health Science in high school, in which you pick a sexually transmitted disease to research and horrify your fellow classmates with graphic pictures. Kids have to learn somehow, right?

My focus in college was literature. The sexual innuendos and erotic imagery is never ending in classic reading material. Shakespeare was the king of sexual puns, something my Shakespeare professor had a lot of fun (creepy fun) explaining to us. Upon analyzing one of his earlier sonnets, my fellow classmates and I discovered the entire poem was about his "Willy". Proof that men have always been a bit immature and naughty. Amongst my minor courses of Anthropology, my favorite was Anthropology of Sex and Gender. I found it fascinating to get some sort of perspective on why men and women behave as they do when it comes to relationships and sex.  We discussed the most interesting studies, including one that found strippers made more money when they were ovulating. My attention was never lost.

In my last semester of college I took a course called Women in American Society. I figured there would be no surprises, the suffrage movement, civil rights, etc. The usually uneventful and boring lecture took a turn towards kinky one day when my professor started discussing women's health in the Victorian era. Doctors commonly performed what is now called masturbation on their female patients. This "vulvular stimulation" was meant to keep the uterus healthy (yet pure), a necessary regimen for those women trying to conceive. Doctors didn't view this practice as a sexual act. In fact, they found it to be a very long and laborious task. The first vibrator must have seemed like a gift from God. It was the fourth or fifth (can't remember exactly) domestic electronic appliance invented. Of course, I was very amused with this new bit of knowledge.

With the physical act of love present in practically every facet of our culture, why I am reluctant to write about it here? It's not like I am planning on giving you all a play by play of my afternoon delight. Hell, most of you devoured Fifty Shades of Grey in one day and are now constantly fantasizing about finding your very own Christian Grey. See, sex is everywhere! Okay, that was good right? I dipped my toe into the talking-about-sex-water. Maybe the next time a sexy topic is on my mind, I'll have the balls to give you all the the dirty details.

Stay tuned.

PS- You've probably noticed the new spiffy look of the blog. I'd like to thank my good friend Jessie for helping me in areas where I am completely incompetent, like designing a blog.



At June 6, 2012 at 9:19 AM , Blogger Sam said...

Side Note: I haven't actually read Fifty Shades of Grey. I intend to, as one of the lovely members of my book club picked it for our next book. From what I understand, the imagry is hot but the writing is shit. Let's see, shall we...


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