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Sam Dobson Writes: The Pinterest Addiction

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Pinterest Addiction

It's finally Friday. I'm sure many of you are relieved that your work week is coming to a close. Are you going to celebrate the weekend tonight? Go to the club and slam down some vodka-sodas and then dance the night away? Good for you! Since I will not have the weekend off, I have a very different sort of Friday night planned. I will be watching a Redbox movie, sipping on a glass of wine, and pinning, of course.

Pinning is one of my favorite ways to waste time. I could sit on my butt for hours while pinning crafts I want to create, recipes I want to cook, and outfits I want to wear. The funny thing is, ninety percent of the time I never follow through. I'm sure many of you can relate, however, I do applaud those who actually make use of the countless hours they spend pinning. Although, I'm sure their husbands or boyfriends are just as annoyed as mine is when Pinterest completely holds our attention. Blake looks at me while I stare at the computer screen and says "Are you on pinerest again?" He never says the "t" and it makes me smile.

The other day I was pin-surfing (I should coin that term) and I came across one of those funny E-Card things that basically referred to pinning as digital hoarding, in so many words. I found this amusing because I feel this is a fair comparison. Most of the stuff I re-pin, it just sits there on my digital pin board, never to be actually utilized. But I love it! My favorite things to pin are wedding ideas (just in case) and quotes. Sometimes, pinning wedding ideas when I'm not even engaged makes me feel crazy. So, I just say they are ideas for my betrothed friend instead. Genius, right? Anything to make me appear less like a crazy chick.

In all seriousness, those responsible for Pinterest must be sleeping easy while dreaming of their substantial bank accounts. Such a simple idea. I always mentally kick myself when someone makes it big off of a no-brainer idea, as if I would have really been able to come up with the same thing. Yeah right. It really is a brilliant, yet easy, way for people to share knowledge and ideas. Pinterest has taught us how to make our own bath products, how to turn plain wooden pallets into a bookcase, and how to cook like professionals. We get outfit ideas, new hair styles, and an infinite number of work-out routines.

I wonder if Pinterest saves us money or makes us spend more? We may be able to skip the personal trainer and stylist, but all those outfit ideas do make me want to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. Wedding planners should be shaking in their stilettos. You could literally plan and design an entire wedding ceremony and reception from the obscene amount of wedding crap on Pinterest. Who needs to buy cook books anymore? You can find plenty of recipes on Pinterest, from gluten-free to pure sugar and fat. With the overwhelming number of unique and creative craft pins, all those craft supplies could get costly. It's worth it be able to proudly say you made that cool key ring holder and you got the idea from Pinterest.

Whether you actually put your pins to use or just pretend that you will, we have to admit that pinning is fun and addicting! Kudos to those of you who make the hours of pin browsing worth it.

Happy Pinning,



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