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Sam Dobson Writes: Reinventing Date Night

Friday, September 14, 2012

Reinventing Date Night

Champagne Friday! Here's something to cheers to:

After the honeymoon phase of your relationship has passed and you both settle down into your daily routine, excitement is replaced with comfort for the most part. Of course, we still get excited in our long term relationship, but that constant butterfly feeling has flown away. In order to keep your relationship fresh and exciting, you probably need to put a little effort into it. That's okay. It doesn't mean that you and your beau aren't meant to be, it just means you are human and have gotten comfortable and your beau has now become your other half.

When Blake and I feel like there have been one too many couch-movie nights, we come up with a date night that gives us a little excitement among the monotony of daily life. These date nights aren't hugely over thought, they are simple and fun. It's just a little something unusual to enjoy together. These date nights are perfect for when you start feeling like an old, boring couple. The best part for me, Blake is just as enthusiastic about them as I am. Lucky girl, I am.

Yesterday it was apparent that the boyfriend wasn't having such a good day at work. I was working the early shift and would be off by three, leaving me the rest of the afternoon to do whatever I please. I decided that I had plenty of time to clean house and pull off a quick, easy date night. After cleaning the house, I set the living room up like a restaurant, complete with love songs and candles. While I bobbed my head to some of my favorite tunes, I made a three course meal. When Blake got home, the table was set and the food was just about ready.

You guys are probably thinking "what's so special about dinner?" Well, once we sat down to start on the salad, I whipped out a list I had made. This list consisted of a bunch of questions we were both to answer during dinner. It was fun and we even got to learn some new things about each other. Some of the answers were so ridiculous, we couldn't stop laughing and I almost spit up my wine. It turned a normal Thursday night into a somewhat romantic date.

I have decided to type the questions up, nice and neat, and share them with you. You don't have to use them the same way I did. Got a long car drive coming up? Whip out the questions for some entertainment. You could also modify the questions so they would work better for a first or second date. Two years in, we already know all the basics about each other so I stuck to more imaginative questions.

Read my post More Questions For Date Night or for even more unique and cheap date night ideas, read my post 10 Unique At Home Date Ideas.

Enjoy and have a wonderful date night on me!

Romantically yours,



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