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Sam Dobson Writes: Money can't Buy Love, but it can Buy Gold Diggers

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Money can't Buy Love, but it can Buy Gold Diggers

I apologize for my silence the past ten days, but I came down with a pretty nasty cold, compliments of my lovely boyfriend. It's not his fault, of course, but he fell ill with bronchitis and a few days later my throat was sore, my nose was runny, and I had an unrelenting cough. By the time I was bedridden, Blake was back on his feet. We had been talking about redoing our backyard for a while and he decided this was the weekend to do it. While I lay in bed, knocked out from cold meds, Blake cleaned up the cobwebs and weeds. He laid pebbles, set up a fire pit, and strung lights. When it was finished, he took a picture of our new backyard all lit up to show me so I wouldn't have to get out of bed.

It's behavior like this that reminds me of how lucky I am to have a good man in my life. Now, don't get all annoyed and quit reading. I promise this won't be too mushy. I just think it's important to appreciate what you have, especially in comparison to what others don't have. Case in point: I was browsing through Yahoo News this morning, as usual, and I came across this article tag line "Millionaire blows $65k to find love". Of course, I was intrigued to actually read the article. The subject of the article is a 47 year old, retired Wall Street trader who has spent $65,000 in the last 12 years on matchmakers. He has gone through 6 matchmakers and 250 blind dates, but is still single, according to the Yahoo article.

This guy kind of sounds like a douche. According to previous matchmakers and victims of his blind dates, he is looking for a very specific type of woman with unrealistic expectations. Even so, I will never understand why men with money go to matchmakers to find love. If a rich man wants a trophy wife and chooses this route, I understand it more as a business deal. But if a rich man is earnestly looking for love, I don't think matchmakers for the wealthy are a good idea. The precedent is already set. The women auditioning for dates with these powerful men are doing so with the notion that these men have lots of money. You might as well stamp "Gold Digger" on their foreheads. These matched couples that hastily get married aren't far off from a nasty divorce. All I have to say: hope they signed a prenup.

If you are looking for real love, no matter how full your wallet is, shouldn't it be done in your natural day to day life? If you look for it in the wrong places, under preconceived notions, you will most likely end up broken hearted and maybe even plain broke. Doesn't it seem more legit to meet someone in a coffee shop or a book store where we are all equals? Meeting someone without assumptions as to their wealth makes for a more honest start to a relationship. If I was single and worth a lot of money, I wouldn't broadcast it while dating. I'd wait until the guy was honestly and obviously really into me and then shout "Surprise! I'm filthy rich".
Anyways, Blake and I may not have a ton of money, but we do have a real relationship. The next time you are frustrated with your guy for leaving his dirty clothes all over the floor or you feel like the two of you are drowning in bills, be thankful that you have each other and love each other for the right reasons. Although I know for a fact that a bountiful money tree would make my life a whole lot easier, I also know that it won't buy me the honest kind of love that I am lucky enough to have already found. Okay, so I did get a bit mushy at the end here, but hopefully it furthered my argument.

Lucky in love,



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