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Sam Dobson Writes: Thanksgiving Trample

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Trample

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families, filled with love, good food, and none of the nonsense that mine consisted of. Don't get me wrong, it started out lovely. An early Thanksgiving feast at my boyfriend's parents' house, complete with champagne and lounging around on a big fluffy couch. After our bellies were temporarily full, it was time to see my family...who were waiting in line at Target in Anaheim Hills four hours before it opened at 9pm.

Most of you are thinking that I'm crazy to go Black Friday shopping. In my defense, I really didn't want to. Blake had never done it before and has wanted to join my sister and my uncle (who brave the crowds and madness every year) for the past two years but I always had to work the day after. This year I decided I would suck it up and go with him because I knew that after he had done it once, he would never want to do it again.

So there we were, at Target at 5pm on Thanksgiving day waiting for the doors to open as if we were waiting in line for front row tickets to our favorite band in concert. When we arrived, there were about fifteen people in line in front of us. By the time the doors were about to open, miraculously there were about eighty people in front of us. Again, I didn't want to be there and there was no particular item I was waiting in line for. Others that were just in front of us or right behind us from as early as 5pm were waiting in line specifically for a rather large television at a relatively low price. Needless to say, despite waiting in line on Thanksgiving day for four hours, these people did not get what they came for.

After I had narrowly escaped the overly crowded department store with my life and a few cheap dvds, I felt disgusted at how selfish people can be. It's Thanksgiving people! Not "Trample-People-for-Decent-Sales-Day". Once safely in the truck, I turned to Blake and declared that we will never do that again. All I could think about was the assholes who cut in line at the last minute, robbing those who had patiently waited and wasted their once a year Thanksgiving for something they didn't get. It was just kind of depressing.

Despite the slight post traumatic stress I felt from almost starting a riot outside of a Target at 9pm on Thanksgiving, we ended the day by going to grandma's for some more turkey dinner. The delicious food did wonders, calming down my nerves and helping me relax. Alas, Thanksgiving was saved! All in all, it was a memorable one and I've learned my lesson: don't go Black Friday shopping, eighty jerks will cut in front of you in line without a second thought. Stay in your warm and toasty house with your family and enjoy your feast in peace.


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