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Sam Dobson Writes: A More Rewarding Christmas

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A More Rewarding Christmas

It's finally here, my favorite time of the entire year! It's not my December birthday that I am so excited about (That, I am actually dreading. Another year older, yuck!), its Christmas that makes me so chipper and jolly. I prefer to start decorating and celebrating the moment Thanksgiving is over, but some would argue that's a little hasty. So, I do my best to hold out until December 1st. Then, all bets are off. The decorations come out and the Christmas music gets tuned up. It's enough to make the Grinch or Mr. Scrooge gag with disgust. I love it!

Okay, I admit it. I busted out the decorations the week after Thanksgiving, so it was a bit before December 1st. At least I held off on the tree, which was promptly lighted and dressed on the evening of the 1st. The earlier I put it up, the longer I get to enjoy it. It's only logical. I am a true Christmas freak. I would go Griswold-style with lights if I could. If you aren't familiar with that reference, you need to brush up on your Christmas movies. 

Aside from all the festive touches of Christmas, my favorite part is gift-giving. I know, I know, Christmas isn't supposed to be about gifts. But it is, and I choose to embrace it. I love shopping for those I love, especially my young nieces, hoping to get them something that will light up their faces and make them scream with excitement. Since I'm poor, that can prove to be challenging, but I do what I can to make these people smile. That's the point of the holiday season, to spread joy. 

I have to argue that a Christmas full of gift-giving is not a bad thing. I agree that there are those who may create a selfish kind of atmosphere when there are presents to be had, but if you do it right it can be very fulfilling. Aside from family and friends, you have to spread the joy around. Do you know a neighbor or acquaintance who is having a rough time? Maybe a ham for their Christmas dinner would be a welcomed gift. I always donate to Toys for Tots and I can't forget my furry friends at the animal shelter in need of blankets to keep them warm and toys for fun. It's all about being kind and giving what you can to those who need it. 

Have kids? It's easy to start this sort of Christmas mentality early on. Have your kids sort through their mass of toys for those that can be donated to needy children. Teach them about food drives, make it fun by letting them help pick out the food. Remember to show your children what it means to be kind. Teach them that Christmas is more than Santa delivering presents on Christmas Eve. Trust me, when you have a giving kind of Christmas, the season will mean so much more. 

'Tis the season of giving!


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