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Sam Dobson Writes: These are a few of my favorite things...

Sunday, December 23, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things...

Christmas is just days away, that means last minute shopping and holiday parties. Last night we had our holiday get together with my best friends. For the past eight or nine years, since our senior year of high school, we have done a "Secret Santa" gift exchange. Since no one is really ranking in the big bucks, it's just simply economically sound for us to buy a single gift with a cap of $30. Since we are all best friends and pretty much know everything about each other, we are all guaranteed to get something pretty cool.

For no particular reason other than to try something different, we altered our tradition this year. Sifting through Pinterest back around October, I stumbled upon a pin called "Favorite Things". It entailed information on a type of gathering where each guest brings one of their favorite things, around $5 in cost, and brings enough for each guest. For example, this favorite item could be a certain nail polish, a special scented lotion, a specific kind of candle, etc.

We decided to host a little "Favorite Things" party for just the six of us and our significant others. The men weren't included in the gift exchange and they didn't seem to mind as long as their was plenty of cold beer and delicious food. We ate, drank, played some slightly competitive games, and exchanged our favorite things.

Since this new twist on gift exchange was my idea, I took the liberty of making the bags in which the favorite items would be placed. I imagined making very festive and fancy bags, but with the days before Christmas passing by at an alarming rate and an infinite amount of presents to be wrapped, I resorted to gluing some sparkly paper on brown bags. Nevertheless, there were six bags, one for each girl. When each guest arrived, they placed their items in the bags and later when it was time to check out what was in them, we took turns pulling out the item we contributed and explained why we chose it. My item was every girl's go-to Cover Girl mascara. All in all, the girls did great and we all went home with some pretty cool loot.

The "Favorite Things" theme seemed to go off without a hitch and we had a great time celebrating Christmas with our best friends. I'm excited about this new tradition and I am excited to share it with all of you. Maybe next year, you'll adopt this idea and make it your own. Doesn't have to be a Christmas thing, you can throw a "Favorite Things" party any time of the year just because. It's a lot of fun and everyone walks away happy.

Party on and Happy Holidays!


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