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Sam Dobson Writes: Twenty-six Will Be My Year, I Can Feel It!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Twenty-six Will Be My Year, I Can Feel It!

Well, that's it. Another birthday done and gone. Yesterday I officially turned 26...yikes! I am no longer in my early twenties and that is freaking scary. Pardon my language, but there comes a point for some of us when birthdays are no longer associated with fun and celebration. Hidden among the drinks and dance moves, there is a lingering feeling of an unfulfilled life moving along rather too quickly. 

I don't mean to bum you out on this chilly, but lovely, Tuesday morning. I assure you, this post has an uplifting end, life most of the ones I write. But as is with all things worth having, you've got to wade through the tough part (in this case, the lesson I learned) to reach the hopeful end. You see, I did celebrate the beginning of 26th year. I had dinner with family, sang some karaoke (although, not nearly enough), drank with best friends, and was swept away to the mountains for the weekend by a very thoughtful boyfriend. All in all, I had a pretty good funeral for my 25th year. It would have been proud. 

Those of you who know me on a more personal level have known that I am not too keen on getting older. With the approaching of my 22nd birthday, all the wonder and excitement of the years to come was replaced by the fleeting feeling of a life without purpose. Since then, every one of my birthdays has been received with a hint of dread. I know anyone older than I currently am is reading this and thinking that I am still very young and have plenty of time ahead of me. I know that relative to our lifespan I am young, but that doesn't mean that I don't feel the fleeting nature of it. When we are young, really young like teenagers, we have all these ideas of what our lives are going to be life and it sort of falls into place in a perfect line of progress. It just gets hard when you realize it doesn't work that way and soon you are 25 with very few of your imagined goals achieved. 

So, with this depressing explanation of why each birthday of mine comes with some disappointment and worry you may be wondering if my 26th birthday held the same stigma. While I admit that the weeks leading up to this birthday did bring some stressful thinking about my future, something was different this year. I was able to enjoy my birthday celebration with the people I love because this year I had hope. My mother gifted me my first set of business cards and I guess it was the little push I needed to stay hopeful. 

The business cards are for freelance writing. You all know that I have been job searching like crazy, to no avail. Beginning to see that there might be another path for me, one that makes me just as happy, I have been slowly accepting the possibility of doing what I love most for a living: writing. I've done my research; it's a hard career to get off the ground. Then I opened a little bag with tissue paper to find these very stylish and unique business cards. It's corny to say, but it felt like a new gust of wind had lifted my sails. I've got to make things happen for myself and this gift was concrete evidence that I can. And my 26th birthday was saved. 

Moral of the story: it's not over until you're dead. Just kidding, sort of. But seriously, keep looking forward and striving for what you want in life. On a side note, I would like to thank everyone who made this birthday a fantastic celebration: my family, my besties, and my prince charming of a boyfriend. Lastly, thank you mom and dad for having an "accident" twenty-six years and nine months ago, even though we all know I was destined to be here. Without your continued guidance and support, who knows where I'd be. 

Much love to you all and keep looking forward!



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