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Sam Dobson Writes: This One's for Molly

Monday, February 25, 2013

This One's for Molly

Once in a great while I will get annoyed with the nuisances of being a woman. The monthly gift from Mother Nature, the constant struggle with weight, the time-consuming chore of applying make-up and deciding on the perfect outfit, it all just seems so unnecessary at times. I find myself thinking, "men have it so much easier". It's not too often that I have these irritating thoughts, more often than not I am extremely thankful that I was born a woman. 

Of course, it's not hard to see that women are the more amazing of the two sexes. That double "x" chromosome thing we've got going on allows us to do some pretty amazing things, like carry another human life inside of us for nine months. Not to mention the pain we endure, like champions I might add, to bring that life into this world. To top it all off, we have the ability to nourish that life using our own bodies. This is why no matter what a man can do, he will never come even slightly close to being as incredible as a woman. 

It's amazing to me just how strong women are. Of course we are physically strong, built to withstand the harsh conditions of childbearing, but it's not just that. While it has been a common belief that men are tougher when it comes to how we act and think, I would strongly disagree. Yes, as a woman I am more likely to cry than my significant other, but that doesn't make me weaker. It makes me braver. Unlike our male counterparts, we are more likely to bear it all, lay it all on the line, and wear our hearts on our sleeves. That takes courage, especially with the realization that there is a very good chance of getting hurt.  

The same goes for handling a crisis. It's no secret that many men find themselves laying on their backs in the waiting room with a cool towel on their head while their wives are grunting and  powering through pushes in the delivery room. When the new baby gets so sick with projectile vomit that's horror film worthy, it's dad that can't pass the little one off quick enough. Women are nurturers. It's what we do, go above and beyond for our families. This is why it's so heartbreaking when a woman has had the terrible misfortune of being diagnosed with breast cancer.  

Any type of cancer is a four letter word, but breast cancer is especially ironic for women in a very cruel way. The most beautiful parts of human anatomy, the feature that allow us to nurture our young in a way only a mother can, have become cancerous and a danger to the rest of the body. Many women diagnosed with breast cancer have little choice but to have a mastectomy, to lose part of them that makes them a woman. I can't imagine going through that. 

And yet, more often than not, we hear about a brave woman who battles the cancer like a natural born champion, never faltering in her motherly duties. These are the women who inspire us. Only a woman could fight such a personal battle while maintaining the strength to continue carrying her family. Only a woman could hold on to and even embrace her femininity during the trauma of loosing a physical attribute that makes her a woman. To survive such mental and emotional trauma, women have taken to different methods of coping. Some seek comfort in group therapy, others seek solace by focusing on their health. Others heal with the help of tattoos, personalizing the site of their tragedy to make it something beautiful. Instead of scars, they see triumph. Below is a short video about a woman who did just that. 

Never underestimate the strength and courage of a woman. Cast aside those silly stereotypes that label women as the weaker sex. The beauty of women is that we are resilient. Like a flower that still stands after a storm, a woman will persevere through the hardest battles of her life. Remember this when you come face to face with a fight of your own. 

This one's for Molly. 



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