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Sam Dobson Writes: Blind Wine Tasting

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Blind Wine Tasting

It's no secret that my girlfriends and I love a good glass of wine...or a bottle. Wine is usually the main attraction at all of our gatherings. To keep ourselves from feeling like just a bunch of wine lushes, we often incorporate some other activity like board games or crafts. But sometimes it needs to just be about the wine and a blind wine tasting party is the perfect solution. This is exactly what we did for one of my best friend's birthday last weekend.

I know you want the details. Blind wine tasting is pretty much exactly how it sounds, except you aren't blindfolded. Although, I guess you could blindfold yourself if you wanted to, but that might lead to broken glass and wasted wine. A more sensible way to go about a blind wine tasting party is to simply make the type of wine a mystery. There a few ways to do that. We simply placed each bottle in a brown paper bag and tied the top tightly around the neck of the bottle. You could also make cute stickers to cover the bottle labels. However you do it, the labels should be covered and the bottles should be numbered.

For our blind wine tasting party, each couple brought one to two bottles of wine. The birthday girl made scorecards for each guest. Using the scorecard, we rated each bottle and made our best guesses as to what kind of wine we were sipping on. If you are doing this with a relatively large group (ours was a group of eight people), the easiest process is to pour everyone a taste from the same bottle. This way, everyone is tasting the same wine at the same time. You make your way through each bottle as a group.

Blind Wine Tasting for Jena's 26th Birthday- Photo Creds: Emily 

Once the group has had a taste from every bottle, go around the group and share your scores and guesses. We started with bottle number 1 and had each guest announce to the group the score they gave the bottle and their guess as to what kind of wine it was. We totaled the scores and announced the bottles with the best averages. It was really fun to see who brought the tastiest bottles and who had a scorecard full of wrong guesses (guilty as charged!). After we were done, we still had plenty of wine to go around.

Now, anyone who has experienced wine tasting knows that it isn't wise to do so on an empty stomach. So we stocked up on specialty cheeses from Trader Joe's, flat bread pizzas, raw fruits and veggies, and raspberry tarts for desert. It doesn't take much to throw a good wine tasting get together and making it blind turns it into a real party. It's the perfect theme for girls' night, a birthday party, or even a bachelorette party. Do yourself a favor and plan a blind wine tasting party ASAP!

Party on,

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At September 26, 2013 at 7:56 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Such a cute idea! What a great spin on wine tasting. Thanks for the idea :)


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