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Sam Dobson Writes: January 2013

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Taking Matters into my own Hands

I have some news, well it might not be news to some of you, but nevertheless I have an update of sorts regarding my nonexistent career. You are all familiar with the bitching I do on a regular basis due to the lack of a career I can be proud of. Well, after multiple failed interviews that have made me seriously doubt my abilities, think of myself as a complete idiot and have at times caused me to down the better half of a bottle of wine, I have finally taken matters into my own hands. I am attempting to be the captain of my own fate, or whatever. What I am trying to say is that I have started a website.

Yup, that's right, a website all on my own. And guess what? It's a fucking nightmare. Excuse the potty mouth, but the amount of stress that goes into trying to build a website when you have the web design capabilities of a five year old deserves a few curse words. I'll spend hours and hours hunched over my laptop, sipping coffee and will have achieve little more than changing the location of my logo. It's infuriating, really. Nevertheless, I am doing it and have been working on it for a couple of months now. I am now at the point were the site is acceptable enough to promote to my friends and family. You know, get the sympathy exposure.

If you aren't already familiar with my new site, I bet you are now wondering what it is. Well, I'll tell you. It's an online book club for today's busy woman. Don't think it's a great idea? Well, too bad, it's already set in motion and you'll just irritate me by saying so. I think it's a great idea and it's been something that has been in the works, at least in my imagination, for the past few years. You see, if you scroll through all my previous blog posts you'll come across one from November 2011 (gosh that seems like ages ago, doesn't it?) that is titled "For the Love of Reading". It's all about how I truly enjoy being involved in a book club with my girlfriends and blah, blah, blah. Naturally, our book club sort of fell to the way side. In fact, I think our last book was from June or July of last year and we never even got together to discuss it. Don't worry girls, I still  love you and I know we all get too busy sometimes!

Anyways, having basically failed at an in-person book club I started looking for another alternative. I know there are plenty of in-person book clubs that work and actually succeed at sustaining more than a few months. I applaud those book clubs and their members. Truth is, I am not one of those women who has time for that. I have time to read, of course, before bed, after work, on my lunch break, while my boyfriend is studying for his much dreaded finance exam, etc. But I definitely don't have time to make it to actual meetings  twice a month. I don't doubt that those meetings are probably fun, I know ours were (the wine sure didn't hurt). However, it's just not realistic for most of the busy women I know. Thus, I started turning ideas around in my head and finally came up with an online book club specifically geared towards the professional woman. That's how The Chic Bookworm was born.

So, virtually all my spare time has been reserved for this project: writing articles, reading reviews, reading books, managing and updating the site, attempting to get an audience via Facebook. It's been a lot of work, but I can't say that I am not kind of proud. It's nothing of significance yet, and it may never be, but at least I can say I did it on my own and I attempted to make my own destiny. And who knows, if it catches on and makes waves, I can help the community, like a nonprofit that teaches kids to read or donates books to those who have none. Maybe I'll look back one day at all the crying and stressing over failed interviews and realize that what I ended up with was so much better.

Now you guys can help me out, by doing two things:

1. Like my page on Facebook, ya know, to make us look popular.

2. Visit the actual website and register for the forum. Pick up a copy of the book for February, read it, and   participate!

Thanks for all the support! It's greatly appreciated.

Happy Reading!

Monday, January 14, 2013

No Resolutions this Year

It's a new year. That means filling out a nice, crisp, new planner. That means making new resolutions with the good intention to keep them all year long. That means signing up for new gym memberships and stockpiling vitamins. That means grimacing when you see the new tax increase on your first pay check of the year. Most importantly, New Year's gives us hope.

Aside from temporary motivation to get healthy, every new year gives us what feels like a fresh start. In most cases, it isn't really. Come January 1st we still have the same job, are in the same relationship, and live in the same house. However, the 1st of the year gives us the feeling of a new beginning. This is a whole new year and we can attempt to mold it into whatever we want it to be. Whether it's full of travel, learning new things, being adventurous, getting our lives organized, saving money, or whatever it is that we are aspiring to, we are given hope that this will be the year we will achieve it.

If you are most people, as I am, chances are you won't keep your new years resolutions for longer than a few weeks. Resolutions fall by the way side while we are busy living our lives. Solution? It's simple, don't make resolutions. Instead, take note of what you want for your life (healthy living, make more money, etc.) and start making lifestyle changes necessary to make that life. More than anything I want to build a writing career. Instead of making a resolution to write more, I need to adjust my lifestyle so that writing is a priority.

So if they never seem to stick, why do we make resolutions every year? I think there is something about New Year's Eve that makes us go a little crazy. It's the realization that another year has passed us by, and sometimes too fast for us to stomach. We panic at the thought that the past year wasn't what we had hoped it would be. New Year's Eve ends up being a last ditch effort to make the past year great. You wake up on January 1st hung over, and maybe a bit depressed, determined to make this year better than the one you toasted to one too many times the night before.

That's the wonder of a new year. We are saddened by another year gone, but hopeful for the new beginning we are given. Energized by the promise of a clean slate, we make plans for immediate future. I choose to embrace this feeling of hope for the new year ahead. While I don't make New Years resolutions anymore, I do evaluate the past year and what I could do better with the fresh year ahead. I identify lifestyle changes that will help me achieve the life I want and I work toward making those changes a part of my routine. With each new year that comes, I will attempt to better myself and my life.

Happy New Year!