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Sam Dobson Writes: How To Survive A Heated Workout Class

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How To Survive A Heated Workout Class

You all know that I am always looking for cheap ways to stay healthy. When it comes to working out, unless you are doing so alone at home, it can be expensive. Yoga classes run $20 bucks a pop, most boot camps are a couple hundred a month, and the fancy gyms that offer classes aren't cheap either. So, my friend, Jessie, and I have been doing what we call "Groupon Whoring". You can find loads of introductory deals for different fitness classes on Groupon or Living Social. The problem is that once your deal is done, the class you became addicted to becomes ridiculously unaffordable.

Our first experience was a month of unlimited boot camp with which we fell in love. Once the month was over, the normal price of this particular boot camp would have costed us around $250 per month. As if that weren't too expensive, the facility did not take monthly payments. You had to sign up for a year's worth of boot camp with a hefty price tag. Our next trial was a month of yoga and we came across the same issue once the deal was done. Pretty clever, huh? Until all the deals run out, but we will worry about that when the time comes.

Now we are on the next fitness trial. On Monday we took our first barre class. I have heard that barre can be quite the workout, with a strong emphasis on legs and butt. I wasn't dreading the new fitness routine because that's exactly what I was looking for. So, I went about my day as usual, not worrying about my evening exercise. Boy was I surprised when I walked into a pretty little studio that was hot as frick! What the eff?! I was not prepared and sure enough, I ended up in the bathroom splashing cold water on my face halfway through the class.

It's not that I've never done a heated class before, I have done plenty of hot yoga. It's just that I've always been prepared for a heated class, not to mention that yoga is relatively low intensity compared to a barre class. So there I was, dehydrated, dizzy, and nauseous in a heated barre class that required a lot of energy and fast movement. Had this been my first heated fitness class I would have most likely been scared off for life, but luckily I know better. Just need to be better prepared next time. This got me thinking about how many other people have made the mistake of not researching before participating in their first heated class. So, for those of you haven't tried a heated class or have only had a bad experience, check out these tips for surviving a heated fitness class:

       Hydrate All Day        

If you don't want to pass out, this is crucial. Make sure to drink 
water throughout the day, not just during your class. 
Bring an insulated water bottle with ice and take slow 
slips throughout your class.

Don't Skip A Meal

Evening if you are in the middle of a dieting phase, 
don't skimp on calories. Make sure you eat healthy 
meals throughout the day. As for a snack before class, 
think cool produce that won't weigh you down.

Avoid Cotton Clothing

Avoid heavy cotton fabrics. You'll want to invest in some yoga garb, 
which is lightweight and designed to handle moisture. 
Avoid baggy pants as they tend to trap heat, opt for leggings instead.

Go At Your Own Pace

Be careful not to over do it. The heat can easily suck the energy 
right out of you. Modify the postures or slow down your repetition 
speed as needed. If you need to, take a breather in a seated position 
on your yoga mat. If you start to feel dizzy or nauseous, don't wait to pass out, 
excuse yourself to the restroom and splash some cold water on your face and neck. 
Let your body cool down before resuming your heated workout.

So, to all of you yogi pro friends of mine, please let me know if I am missing something. We all want to know the secrets of your practice. For now, I hope these tips will help all the other newbie fitness enthusiasts like me. Might be harder to force yourself back to class if you end up passed out on the floor, or worse, with a pile of vomit at your feet!

With a new found respect for ballerinas,




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