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Sam Dobson Writes: Book-Less Library (WTF?)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Book-Less Library (WTF?)

I am a die-hard book lover. It's not just the words that I love; there is more to a book than the story that unfolds in our imaginations as we read. Part of loving a book is to love the structure of it. There is something comforting about an actual book, curling up with a cup of tea, a blanket, and that magical mass of bound pages. There is no substitution for anxiously turning the pages as you read or tracing your finger along a line of text. And who can resist that lovely, musky smell of a book that's fully served it's purpose.
With all the new, convenient technology these days, it was only a matter of time before someone invented a more compact way to read. Enter electronic readers. Most avid readers have embraced the new technology, the ability to carry multiple books with you where ever you go without physically lugging them around. I agree that this technology is amazing, but I'm not quite ready to all-together ditch the used bookstore just yet. That's why it pains my heart just a bit when I read about the country's first book-less library, BiblioTech in San Antonio, Texas.

No books, just technology at the BiblioTech Library in Texas. 

I'm not anti-technology by any means, but the concept of an actual library that won't house any physical books is a little hard to swallow. The technology that will be used at BiblioTech is pretty cool, I will admit, including E-readers, tablets, computers, and laptops all on which books are checked out electronically. But is this our future? Will actual, physical books be ancient history, just legends we tell to our future grandchildren?
While I accept the brilliant technology of E-readers, and know that I will most likely be sporting one too in the near future, I want to continue turning the pages of the books on my shelves a little while longer. Perhaps this new technology and the "ancient" art of the printing press can work side by side. For every electronic library built, a library with real books will continue to stand strong.   Books with leafed pages will not go extinct, but will be valued and treasured for their form. If they disappear, book lovers will surely suffer.



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