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Sam Dobson Writes: The Importance Of Small Romantic Gestures

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Importance Of Small Romantic Gestures

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a nice relaxing weekend and are feeling refreshed for the workweek ahead of you. My weekend wasn't necessarily relaxing, a better description would be productive. I know I've briefly mentioned before that Blake and I are moving out of our little beach house, away from our party boy neighbor whose antics keep us up all night half the week. The exciting news that I've been concealing from you (for fear of jinxing it) is that we are in the process of buying a condo. That's right, if all goes smoothly, Blake and I will be homeowners in about a month (knock on wood for us)!

Our last day in our apartment will be March 31st, so we spent the weekend packing more of our stuff. Saturday wasn't very productive, so I wanted to make sure that we really made up for it on Sunday. Blake loves sleeping in on the weekends and it can take a while for him to fully wake up for the day, so I decided I would sneak out while he slept soundly and make him breakfast in bed. How can you not have energy for a good day when you've gotten catered breakfast in bed? I creeped into the kitchen and started cooking. Little tip, don't cook bacon when wearing just your bra and underwear if you don't have a splatter screen. Ouch!

I woke him up and explained his breakfast of eggs, bacon, and waffles. He was half asleep, a little confused, and pleasantly surprised. As he dug into his breakfast and I retreated to get my coffee, he questioned me with "no strings attached?" At that moment I realized that perhaps I don't do enough of the little things to remind my man that I love him. Obviously, he was kidding but I know in my heart that there is some truth to that whether or not he was just teasing.

While I stirred milk and sugar into my coffee, my mind raced back through our years together frantically searching for other little gestures I had done for him. While I did stumble upon a few memories that got me brownie points, most of the good deeds were done by him. How often had I come home from a long day to a candle lit bubble bath? More than once he'd shown up at my work on a crappy day with goodies; flowers, coffee, even popcorn! This is a man who made me a living room fort and then spent a whole weekend living under it with me after I'd had one hell of a workweek. I'm really just scratching the surface here, but I think you get the point.

In the game of small romantic gestures, my husband has been winning for a long time. I'm not proud of that by any means. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a heartless bitch who never thinks of him. I do kind things for my man just because, like grab his favorite snacks at the grocery store or rent that action flick he really wants to see instead of the sappy love story I want. I've even been known on occasion to surprise him after work with lingerie. Really these are things a good wife or live-in girlfriend should do so I don't know if I can really give myself any points.

Small romantic gestures are more important than some may think. When you've been together for a while, things start to get too routine. Little acts of love, done so for no particular reason, can show your partner how much you care about them and how frequently you are thinking about them. In that moment, while sipping my coffee, a light bulb went off in my head. I know that there is a bit of an unbalance in this aspect of our relationship, but I aim to change that. I want my husband to know that I love him so much, that I am always thinking about him, and that I want to always make him happy. It's the small romantic gestures that count in a marriage or long term relationship. Don't be lazy; flowers just because, a coffee delivery at work, breakfast in bed, a surprise night out, it's rather easy to show you care.



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