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Sam Dobson Writes: Do You Go Commando?

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Do You Go Commando?

The other day I woke up to a text informing me that there was a schedule mix up and just like that, my morning turned into a frantic scramble to get out the door. In my scurry, I somehow forgot to put on underwear and didn't realize it until I was pulling in the parking lot at work. Oh well, it'd just have to wait until my lunch break no matter how uncomfortable I felt.

As I did my normal routine sans undies, I got to thinking that going commando is not uncommon. In fact, I have a friend (who shall remain nameless, of course) who goes commando almost 100% of the time. I wondered what the pros and cons of rockin' no panties were. It's only natural that I would research it, because why the hell not?

The most obvious benefits of ditching your knickers have nothing to do with health. Going commando is a sure fire way to avoid panty lines and has been known to make women feel a sense of "empowerment". Be careful though, leaving your skivvies at home will turn your man on, but it can also lead for an embarrassing situation if you aren't mindful in that mini skirt (hello, Britney Spears!).

Spending your day au naturel can have it's down sides too. Your ob-gyn will warn of germs that your lady parts may be more susceptible to when wearing that short dress in those sketchy nightclubs with questionably clean furniture, ew. Going panty-less may also cause some trouble during that special time of the month. You should probably just suit up for that week.

While there aren't any definitive health benefits of going commando throughout the day, there has been some consensus that letting it all air out in bed is the way to go. Sleeping in the nude can allow your nether region to breathe. Underwear traps moisture and in some cases, excessive moisture can create a yeast problem. If you just don't feel secure without your undies, go for a light, airy material.

The conclusion I've come to is that when it comes to going commando, it's all about preference. If you prefer to let it all hang out, just be classy about it. Whether you ditch the underwear or never leave home without it, always practice cleanliness. Do whatever makes you comfortable and should you decide to "forget" your delicates at home, it can be your little secret.



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