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Sam Dobson Writes: The Science Behind Happy Couples

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Science Behind Happy Couples

One of the many indicators of how nerdy I am? I love info-graphics! They are just so handy and compact and they have cute little illustrations to accompany the facts. When I see an info-graphic on a subject I am interested in, I get all into it, carefully examining all the little components. Pinterest has a plethora of fun info-graphics. Some of my favorite ones focused on Shakespeare, Once Upon A Time (currently, my fav TV show), reading statistics, and of course, relationships. Which brings me to the newest gem I found, an info-graphic on the science behind happy couples.

This info-graphic is chocked full of statistics about what happy couples do versus unhappy couples, including habits of those couples that are more likely to get divorced. Of course none of us are guaranteed a happy marriage that will last until death, but we can hope right? Some of the trends listed for happy and unhappy couples are pretty obvious, but it's cool to see the numbers. And yes, I did the math in my head to compare my relationship with these stats. 

No couple is perfect and Blake and I are no exception. While we did share a lot of the characters with the "happy couples", we also mirrored some characteristics of the doomed couples. For example, with regards to the info on fighting, we were a bit in the red. With small squabbles we do a pretty good job of diffusing the situation and putting the tiff to bed fast. However, on those rare occasions when we have a legitimate fight, we don't always fight fair. 

The stats on this info-graphic that surprised me were the ones regarding kids and their effect on couples. A 20 year British study found that couples who were happiest in their marriages included those who had no children. One statistic looked at how having a baby affected a married couple's happiness. Immediately following the birth of their first baby, 33% felt just as satisfied (or more) than before and 67% experienced a big drop in marital satisfaction. Further more, this info-graphic states that married couples are unhappiest when children are in preschool and happier when their youngest child has grown up. 

Okay you moms, don't get your panties in a bunch. I'm not suggesting that kids make marriage miserable. I think these statistics do show truth to the fact that having kids can put a huge strain on the relationship you have with your spouse. Having kids when you aren't ready or aren't very happy in your relationship will just add to the stress and strain between you and your hubby. Of course your little bundle of joy will make you happy, but what happens when you put junior to bed? People who have kids to "fix" their relationship are just as dump as people who get married to "fix" their relationship. This doesn't work, no ifs, ands or buts about it. These are steps that should be taken when your relation ship is at its strongest and happiest. If you aren't sure what that looks like, study this info-graphic! Just don't take it too seriously, it's all in good fun.

PS- I couldn't get the info-graphic any larger no matter what I tried. If you want to be able to clearly read all the little details, download the image to your computer and then you can zoom in and really exam it :)



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