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Sam Dobson Writes: Wine Snob Lessons: How To Open A Bottle Without Cutting Yourself

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wine Snob Lessons: How To Open A Bottle Without Cutting Yourself

There is nothing better than a glass of good wine. After a long day of work, to start off girls' night, or with a delicious steak dinner, there is a good reason for a good glass of wine. I didn't always appreciate wine, now its usually my drink of choice. I was always an ice cold beer girl or whiskey and diet coke. When I was first introduced to wine I started with the sweet stuff, the kind that would make me sick from too much sugar nowadays. When I outgrew white zinfandel, any white wine would do. Finally, I developed a taste for reds.

I really started to appreciate red wine during our honeymoon in Napa. Blake and I were lucky enough to celebrate our nuptials with a relaxing vacation in wine country where we indulged in delicious food and fabulous wine. With guidance from my aunt, the sommelier, we drank a variety of amazing wine to discover our preferences. I had officially become a wine-o with my husband in tow. We brought home four bottles from Napa and they didn't last long. 

My taste buds and affliction for wine may have my mind tricked into believing I'm a wine know it all, but I'm far from it. I like wine because it tastes good and relaxes me, but I will still fail every blind wine taste test. I can't differentiate one type from another without reading the label. In fact, I usually pick wine with the cutest labels or most clever names. I even have a hard time opening the bottles. Sometimes I break the cork and it crumbles into the bottle. I've even cut my finger on the thick foil that covers the top of the bottle. I'm not the only one. The other evening Jo, my mother in law, cut a decent little slice on her palm while opening a bottle for us to sip on.

This inspired me to google the correct way to open a bottle of wine for two reasons. One, we wouldn't cut our hands on the foil anymore. Two, I'd actually know a little something about wine even it was just how to open a bottle correctly. My google search led me to a great Youtube video that gives a clear and simple demonstration. See, you really do learn something new every day. Cheers!

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At April 12, 2014 at 8:08 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done!!! Wine study is a great journey enjoy it. My favorite response when someone says save this bottle for a special occassion is "like tonight?" love you auntie MJ


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