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Sam Dobson Writes: Bride & Groom Gifts: A Wedding Day Essential

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bride & Groom Gifts: A Wedding Day Essential

This past weekend my hubby and I attended a beautiful spring wedding. I had the honor of standing by my best friend's side while she married the man she loves. The bride looked fit for a magazine, the ceremony was lovely, and it was all topped off with nonstop dancing. It was a perfect wedding, down to every last detail and special moment. One of the best parts of being a bridesmaid was getting to see many of those little happy, loving moments that many guests don't get to see.

One of the sweetest wedding day moments leading up to "I do" is the bride and groom gift exchange. The "getting ready" part of the big day can be long and drawn out, especially when you can't or aren't supposed to communicate with your significant other. The bride and groom gift exchange is the perfect opportunity for the couple to show each other love and encouragement for that next big step. I love when couples say "no gifts" but both partners ignore the agreement. I got to watch my best friend gasp in surprise as she opened a beautiful gift from her groom, delivered by her new sister-in-law. Seeing her face light up as she gushed about how it was the perfect gift, it was an amazing moment,.

My friend's priceless wedding day moment reminded me of when I received my wedding day gift from Blake. It was one of my top three favorite moments from our wedding. After I put on my dress, a few of Blake's groomsmen brought me an interesting looking package. I was shocked when I ripped open the wrapping to find a vintage typewriter with a note from my groom. It was at that moment that all my nerves subsided. I realized that he knew me even better than I thought he did and I knew without a doubt that he was the right one.

Bride and Groom Gifts
Photo Cred: Mel & Tim Photography

My wedding gift to Blake wasn't as awesome but I thought it was still pretty heart-felt and creative. I started a sort of journal the day after he proposed. Every day I wrote down one reason why I wanted to marry him. By the time the big day arrived, I entrusted my niece to deliver a full journal with hundreds of reasons why I wanted to marry Blake. I included little mementos like movie stubs, airplane tickets from our trip to Costa Rica for another friend's wedding, and a champagne label from the night of our engagement. I thought it was a pretty unique gift.

Bride and Groom Gifts
Photo Cred: Mel & Tim Photography

It doesn't matter what you choose to give, as long as it comes from the heart. Be it diamonds or paper, your bride or groom will cherish the thoughtfulness. The gesture will ease nerves, fill them up with confidence, and serve as a tiny reminder (though hopefully an unneeded reminder) of why they are marrying you. Bottom line, don't skip this step, even if you aren't having a traditional wedding. Whether you are simply heading to the courthouse or having a destination wedding, exchange wedding day gifts with your future spouse before you say your vows. You won't regret it. 

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