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Sam Dobson Writes: The Animal Bloodmobile

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Animal Bloodmobile

The amazing thing about kindness and charity is that it comes in so many different shapes and sizes. Every time I hear about some new and innovative way that people are doing good in the world, I get excited and a little jealous. Why didn't I think of that? I stumbled upon yet another unique, great way to help dogs in need.

You know those mobile blood banks that visit college campuses and other public venues? Well, have you ever thought of a mobile dog blood bank? Neither did I, but low and behold, it exists! The Animal Bloodmobile, funded by University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, travels all over Philadelphia to collect the life-saving fluid. One of a kind, The Animal Bloodmobile is an essential asset in the fight to save animal lives after suffering trauma like being hit by a car or to assist in the fight against cancer or diseases.

Just as humans have to meet certain requirements before donating blood, so do dogs. To give blood, dogs must weigh at least 55 pounds, be younger than 8 years old, and have a certain type of blood. After donating, dogs get a treat for their charity and their human owners get a free bag of dog food. It's a neat way to get dog owners to aide in the recovery of dogs in need. Who would have thought? Wish I had. 

Click HERE to watch a short clip about The Animal Bloodmobile. 



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