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Sam Dobson Writes: From Closet To Dog Nook

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

From Closet To Dog Nook

I know you are all probably pretty sick of the home reno posts, but that's what's going on in my life right now. All I can say is that I promise they will stop...well, maybe after this one. We changed pretty much every inch of this house, it's become a complete transformation. One of my favorite parts is our "Dog Nook". Please, allow me to explain.

Dog Nook

Rewind to about a month and a half ago. We had just signed our closing documents and immediately started to demo and paint. A friend of mine, who helped consistently pretty much throughout the whole process, was helping us paint on day one. After a quick tour of our new home, she gave us a brilliant idea. While rolling on the light gray hue I picked out, Jessie turned to me and said "you guys should turn that closet into a dog nook". She was referring to an awkward-shaped under-the-stairs closet. Blake and I loved that idea.

Most people would think we were crazy to give up one of the very few storage spaces we had in our new little condo, but we didn't see it as wasted space. We have three dogs and quite frankly, our mutts and all their belongings can take up a lot of space. They have two huge dog beds, plenty of toys, necessary cleaning supplies, and a small gaggle of leashes. Not to mention it would be nice to have the couch to ourselves once in a while.

So, we took the idea and we ran with it. Blake took off the cheapy closet door and tossed it at the dump. I painted the inside the same gray as the rest of the walls and the frame a basic white. We squeezed in their dog bed, it barely fit. Blake installed a small shelf on one wall where I store lint rollers, ear wipes, dry shampoo, and other necessities in a cute wicker basket lined with dog print fabric (I found it at TJ Maxx). I tossed their toys in a matching dog-print linen container and placed it next to their bed. I found freaking adorable dog butt hooks from Ikea for their leashes and hung them on the wall adjacent to the shelf. Voila! A cozy little dog nook.

Dog Nook

Dog Nook

Dog Nook

The big question was, would the dogs actually use it or did we just throw away what little storage space we had? I was worried. After all, it was a closet. Not only is it a small space, but when someone walks up the stairs, it can sound rather loud inside the dog nook. Once we started to really get settled into our new home, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the dogs really took to their new den. I mean, they still prefer the couch and will never pass up the opportunity to cuddle with us, but they have come to find their new space quite comfortable.

Below is a short video of our dog nook. The voice in the video is mine, explaining all the elements of our pups' cozy den. Our nook is simple yet perfect for our little pack. Visit my friend, The Brighter Writer's site to see a different, more creative way of providing your dog with his or her own space using an under-the-stairs closet. Although we didn't plan it, we were both creating our own versions of this project around same time. I guess great minds think alike, so my fellow dog lovers out there should too.

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