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Sam Dobson Writes: Add 30 Day Challenges To Your Workout

Monday, August 25, 2014

Add 30 Day Challenges To Your Workout

It's that time of year again, time to get that body in shape and bikini ready! Wait, what? Summer is just about over. Oh well, now is as good a time as any to get back on the health and fitness bandwagon. While most girls were killing it at the gym for summer, I was renovating and moving into my new house. Renovating does wonders for your diet and by wonders I mean its amazing how quickly you start to pack on the pounds after countless take-out meals, delivery pizzas, and fatty fast food. I know, I know, shame on me. In my defense, the last thing you want to do after painting, hammering, sawing, tiling all day is slave away in the kitchen. Not to mention, we didn't even have a kitchen for about two months. Anyways, it goes without saying that I gained back every pound I had lost for my wedding and then some!

As I was saying, now is a good of time as any to cut the weight. I hid my pale and slightly overweight body in yoga pants and baggy tees all summer. Now that the house is almost done (just a few little projects left) and we are starting to get back into a normal routine, I want my pre-wedding body back. Scratch that. I want my post-break-up body back (I'm talking about my ex, not my husband), without the heartache of course. To jump start my fitness comeback, I decided to spruce up my exercise routine with some simple 30 day challenges. There are oodles of them on Pinterest. 

30 Day Challenges

30 Day Challenges

30 Day Challenges

Obviously these challenges on their own won't work overnight miracles. I added abs, arms, and squat challenges to my diet/exercise plan. Along with cardio, some yoga, and weight lifting at the gym, these challenges will help me stay motivated if nothing else. It sort of adds a little fun to the whole thing, sort of like a bet I have with myself. To help keep me on track, I took to writing each individual day's challenge exercises in my planner. That way there is no hiding from them. Everyday when I open my planner, there staring me right in the face will be my fitness goals, not to be ignored. Checking each one off will give me some sort of satisfaction, I'm sure. 

30 Day Challenges

Sometimes you just want to prove to yourself that you can, that you will get it done. I know I can, it's will I? That's why I incorporated these challenges, to keep myself on track and accountable. Give me a schedule, I'm more likely to follow it than to get a wild hair up my butt every day and say "let's go to the gym for shits and giggles". That's just not who I am and that's okay. I need motivation, so I'm going to give it to myself. Feel free to help keep me accountable, friends and family. Text me, call me, call me out on Facebook, anything to make me think "crap, I better get on it". I promise to do the same for you when you need it. 



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