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Sam Dobson Writes: Why I Love The Great Gatsby

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Why I Love The Great Gatsby

The other evening I was browsing through the movie channels that my husband just had to have and I stumbled upon The Great Gatsby staring good ole' Leonardo Dicaprio, who only gets prettier and better with age (perhaps he's made some sort of deal with a witch doctor or something). It was not my first time seeing the newest version of F. Scott Fitzgerald's most famous work. When the star-studded film was first released, my fellow college English majors and I took a field trip to the movie theater. Maybe it was the few cocktails I threw back before settling in at the theater, but the drama unfolding in front of me seemed more like a Jay Z music video than a portrayal of a classic piece of American literature. Nonetheless, I was hooked.

So why is it that despite rolling my eyes at every shot of that stupid green light, I still sat there totally mesmerized? It didn't matter that I hate Daisy as a character (she's a selfish bitch), that I can't stand Tobey Maguire in any role, or that I've had to read and write about the novel over and over again throughout my educational career, Fitzgerald won me over a long time ago. How on the earth did he do that? Well, Mr. Gatsby is one hell of a charmer. That's right, it's all about Gatsby. That's what draws people in, get's them to look past stupid Daisy and that really annoying symbolic green light.

The Great Gatsby

Gatsby is the epitome of the American Dream. He's a self-made man, albeit his methods may not have been on the up and up, but I would argue that too has it's place in the American culture. He is handsome, hopelessly in love, and a very determined dreamer. Fitzgerald created a character that people can relate to, not necessarily in the shady business aspects, but more as symbol to never give up hope. I think that is the reason people fall in love with The Great Gatsby, after all, hope is a very powerful thing

Just for fun, in honor of F. Scott Fitzgerald and his dazzling Jay Gatsby, I want to share some pretty cool (and nerdy) Gatsby loot I found while surfing the web. Most of this stuff can be found on Etsy and I have listed the shop name below images. See, Fitzgerald still has fans some 90 years later. So much so, that his novel and his characters have inspired people to create all sorts of Gatsby loot.

Gatsby Button by ByTheLightOfTheMoon on Etsy

Gatsby Phone Case by CaseCaseBangBang on Etsy

Image found on Pinterest...too funny to not share. 

West Egg/East Egg Friendship Necklace
Image found on Pinterest

Gatsby Book Locket by junkstudio on Etsy

Gatsby Shirt by CrazyPrintsL on Etsy

Gatsby Clutch by chicklitdesigns on Etsy



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