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Sam Dobson Writes: Dog Loot: Himalayan Dog Chews

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Dog Loot: Himalayan Dog Chews

A few weeks ago, my friend and coworker, Jessie and I tripped it out to Vegas for Super Zoo 2014. If you don't know what Super Zoo is, it's basically a huge expo featuring all things pet-related. Every retail item you could think of was featured by various retailers; dog food, treats, collars, supplements, grooming supplies, cleaning supplies, poop bags, dog clothes, training tools, etc. It was pretty cool to see what's out there and what's up and coming as far as dog products go. One of my favorite booths was the Himalayan Dog Chew booth. I had recently started to see these chews in pet stores, stocked right next to the various antlers. I was semi curious but never enough to go do some research.

Himalayan Dog Chews

Himalayan Dog Chews
My terrier mix, Iggy, chomping on a Himalayan Dog Chew.

Walking around Super Zoo, Himalayan Dog Chews had a nice, large booth right in the middle that I couldn't miss even if I wanted to. The very friendly sales rep engaged us in conversation and we asked her what the deal was with these relatively new dog chews. She explained that these chews were all natural, made from cow and yak milk (full list of ingredients: cow and yak milk, lime, salt). They have more nutritional value than antlers and should last fairly long. She gave us some samples and we, of course, gave them to our pups the second we got home.

It was immediately clear that my dogs were very interested in the chews. I could tell the smell was enough to draw them in. I gave each of my three pups a chew and observed as they all got to work. For my two small terrier mixes, the chews were causing them effort. I could tell that they would last a decent amount of time for the little pups. It's a completely different story for my boxer and for Jessie's shepherd. Hades, my boxer, can be a little piggy. Maybe it had to do with the size of the sample as I'm sure it wasn't the full size for a dog of her size, but Hades quickly broke off a few small pieces and then stuck the largest piece completely in her mouth. It freaked me out so I took the large piece away from her. Bummer.

Himalayan Dog Chews
Yaky-Charms by Himalayan Dog Chews

One cool thing about this product is that those small pieces that get broken off, those can be puffed up in the microwave for a few seconds. This changes the consistency from hard and possibly sharp to fluffy and crunch-able. So, Hades had to make due with a few puff pieces instead of a whole chew.

Back to the expo. As the sales rep at the Himalayan Dog Chew booth went on with her pitch, I browsed some of their other products. Holy crap, also featured was what looked like a bag of microwavable popcorn. I rudely interrupted her in my excitement to inquire as to what this product was. She explained that this too was yak and cow milk in little morsel form. You place the bag in the microwave as you would popcorn and let it rip. The morsels puff up and are ready to eat. 

I freaking love popcorn so I was most excited to test this treat with my dogs. I placed the bag in the microwave and let it go for about a minute and a half. Most of the pieces puffed up but some were still in their smaller form, perhaps I didn't let it go long enough. Once I opened the bag, the dogs came running (they must have gotten a nice whiff of that cheesy smell). Each dog reacted a little suspect to their first piece. They gently took the pieces in their mouths but didn't quite know what to do with it. Once they bit down and got a taste, it was all over. My dogs were hooked. The treats are light and airy, a perfect healthy treat. Plus, it's super fun to pop!

Himalayan Dog Chews



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