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Sam Dobson Writes: Golf-Themed Cupcakes

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Golf-Themed Cupcakes

What seems like ages ago, one of my besties had a bar golf party (curious? click here for the details). We went all out; dressed in golfing attire, ran around with blow-up novelty clubs, had legit score cards on lanyards to keep securely around our necks. So it was only natural that I would bake cupcakes (as I always do) and decorate them to match the theme.

Golf Cupcakes

I did a lot of research before creating these cupcakes. There are some pretty cool but very intricate golf cupcake designs out there, way out of my league. I decided to stick with something more simple.

I baked the cupcakes as usual and opted for white paper liners. Brown liners, if you can find them, would look better as far as looking like dirt.

For the icing, I used vanilla icing a used a few drops of green food coloring to make a light green. For that textured grass look, I used green sugar crystal sprinkles. To prep, I poured the whole bottle into a mixing bowl. I generously iced one cupcake at a time and immediately dipped them into the sprinkles, making sure to evenly coat the surface. If you ice all the cupcakes at once and then attempt to add the sprinkles, the icing may be too dry to allow for proper sprinkle coverage.

To garnish, I made little flags to mimic the pin flags on a golf course. I cut a bunch of triangles out of blue construction paper and hot glued the triangles onto toothpicks. For extra emphasis on the "bar" part of our bar golf party, I added little cocktail stickers to each flag.

I displayed the cupcakes on a two-tiered cake stand and surrounded it with fake paper grass. Viola! Easy-peasy golf-themed cupcakes.

Golf Cupcakes



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