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Sam Dobson Writes: Party Theme: Bar Golf

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Party Theme: Bar Golf

Birthdays are a great excuse to attempt to get creative when it comes to getting drunk in a bar. No one wants a boring birthday with no pizzazz but most of us do want to throw back a few drinks. This is where themed parties come in handy. Adding a theme to your get-together will not only make things more interesting and make for great pictures (as my best friend Devin always says), but it will also make for special memories. You can look back on your twenty-something birthday and say, "gosh, that was so much fun when we all dressed up like ______" instead of "what the hell did I do for my twenty-something birthday?"

Themed parties are so much fun and despite the eye-rolling our husbands/boyfriends may give us, my besties and I often incorporate themes into our festivities. We've done a Mexican themed Christmas party, blind wine tasting party, and everyone's favorite, bar golf. We have done bar golf for two different birthdays now and they were both pretty fun albeit a bit of a drunken debauchery.

Bar Golf How-To

The gist of the game is to drink 9 drinks at 9 different "holes" (bars). 

Yes, I meant nine drinks. It may sound like a bad idea, one that can't even be done by some, but it's actually pretty fun if you have a schedule of where to go and when. For the first bar golf party we did, we planned and executed a map of nine bars in Laguna Beach. The second one was in Newport Beach. Both parties had a plan of which bars would be visited. Also key to accomplish all nine "holes" is a ring leader, someone to pay attention of time and keep the group moving. As can be expected, a large group of people will become rowdier and more unmanageable with each passing bar. 

Of course, dressing up is a big part of any themed party. For bar golf the required attire is that of a golfer. The first bar golf party we did included plain white visors for all attendees and blow-up novelty golf clubs. Needless to say, we definitely grabbed all the attention that night.

Bar Golf

Yes, you keep score. Each drink is worth different points with some people opting to limit the specific types of drinks that count. Scorecards are necessary to keep score, although I'm sure many people never finish nor compare scores at the end of the night. For a template, a quick google.com search will do or you can make your own. Below is the scorecard that was made and used for the most recent bar golf party I attended. You can tell just by looking at it that I was the designated driver for the night. 

Bar Golf

The first bar golf party began at my kick-ass Laguna Beach house. We set up a very elaborate golf-themed Bloody Mary Bar. Despite that we all love a good bloody mary, in retrospect, we didn't really need to start drinking before the nine "holes". Nevertheless, it was a neat display and they were tasting. Of course I made golf-themed cupcakes too, because that's my thing. All in all, a bar golf party is a sure thing when it comes to having a good time and making lots of memories. 

Bar Golf



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