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Sam Dobson Writes: The Anatomy Of The Perfect Bloody Mary Bar

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Anatomy Of The Perfect Bloody Mary Bar

Themed food or drink bars are just awesome. They are visually appealing and add to the overall ambiance of any party and they allow guests to feel as if they have lots of options. I'm a big fan of unique food/drink bars, just click here to read how I incorporated a popcorn bar into my wedding! Anyways, my favorite drink bar is one that's all about the Bloody Mary.

Who doesn't love a good bloody mary? They are the perfect "morning after" drink. Of course they don't have to be consumed as a hangover cure, they go nicely with a gourmet brunch too. The bloody mary is just so versatile, it can be made in what seems like an infinity of different ways and everyone prefers theirs a bit different. As a lover of a tasty bloody mary but a chicken when it comes to spiciness, that's what I love most about a bloody mary bar. I can make mine to fit my taste buds and so can all the other guests. It's genius!

While the bloody mary is a malleable cocktail, there are few basics that must be supplied. The following is the anatomy of a perfect bloody mary bar:


*Tequila (What, never heard of a Bloody Maria?)


*Tomato juice
*Clamato juice
*Vegetable juice 

Bloody Mary Bar

*Lemon slices or wedges
*Lime slices or wedges 


*Celery stalks
*Pickle spears
*Cocktail onions


*Bacon strips
*Bacon bits
*Cooked shrimp
*Hard-boiled eggs


*Celery salt
*Ground black pepper
*Garlic salt
*Smoked paprika

Added Flavor

*Tabasco sauce
*Worcestershire sauce
*Steak sauce

Bloody Mary Bar

You can't just throw everything out all haphazardly on a table and call it a day. No, that won't do at all. Half the fun of a food/drink bar is the decor. Take the time to throw in some theme-related decorations and labels. Above is a picture of a bloody mary bar I did for my friend's bar golf birthday (interested in what bar golf is? click here for more details). You'll notice the fake grass, green (albeit see-through) tablecloth, golf-themed labels, etc. However you decorate your bloody mary bar, make sure you provide your guests with the recipe for a classic bloody mary so they have something to go off of. The most important thing is that you have fun with it!



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