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Sam Dobson Writes: 5 Essential Dog Accessories

Friday, October 17, 2014

5 Essential Dog Accessories

I'm a mom, but not of humans. While my furry kids don't cost quite as much as their human equivalents, their care still requires plenty of purchases. I still lug around items especially for my dogs' sake. Instead of carrying around bottles, baby wipes, and pacifiers, my purse is loaded with poop bags, a lint roller, and miscellaneous treats among other things. Yes, I am a full-blown dog mom. No shame here. You run through each day with three dog leashes attached to your wrist, you'll have random dog crap (no pun intended) stuffed in your purse and car too. But that's the boring stuff. Just like moms of human kids adore dressing their little ones up in new outfits, dog moms enjoy the bells and whistles too. Today's Fab Five Friday goes to the dogs! Here are a few of my favorite essential dog accessories.

1. A Cute Dog Collar

This is a necessary accessory, for safety and for style. A dog collar is an easy way to fancy-up your pup without becoming that crazy lady who dresses up their dogs in pearls and sparkly flats (yes, people really do that). I know simplicity is usually a good thing, but I would encourage you to have some fun with your dog collars. Allow your or your dog's personality to shine through with the help of a decorative collar.

5 essential dog accessories

Look at this popcorn collar I found on Etsy. You know that smiley face emoji with the bulging hearts for eyes? Yeah, that was me when I discovered this collar. Just in time too, collars were on my list of stocking stuffers for the dogs this year (yes, I do that). This collar is from the Etsy shop xfauxpawsx. My dog mom friends and I highly recommend checking this shop out; my friend Jessie has several. There are already a ton of cute patterns to choose from; seasonal, super hero, geek, chic, etc. Don't see something you fancy? No biggie. She is open to custom orders. With low pricing of just under $20, you can't beat this deal for quality novelty collars.

2. A Functional Yet Fun ID Tag

Another very essential accessory for your pet. You know those super cute collars we were just discussing? Well, you'll need an ID tag with valid contact information to really finish off the look. I shouldn't have to convince you why an ID tag is so important, this is common dog people knowledge. What I will try to convince you is to spruce it up a bit. As I was saying above in regards to collars, you don't have to go boring when it comes to tags. Have some fun with it! You can find tons of cutesy tags and artful tags, I prefer funny. This laugh-your-ass-off ID tag is from the Etsy shop BadTags. At just over $10, there are tons of funny and sassy phrases to choose from or create your own. One of these tags will surely gain the attention of passer-bys in the unfortunate event that your dog gets lost. 

5 essentials dog accessories

3. A Comfy Dog Sweater

I know that I was just making fun of those nutballs who dress up their dogs, but I have a good defense for the dog sweater. So, my littlest pup has a problem with itchy skin. When the stars are aligned and the right allergens are in the air, the poor guy just can't stop scratching. We even get woken up in the middle of the night to the sound of him chewing away. Aside from hypoallergenic shampoos and dietary supplements, the only other tool we have to combat the itching is to put a sweater on him. Both my husband and I were hesitant to become those dog people, I still get a little embarrassed when checking out at the pet store with a few new sweaters in tow, but they help to keep Iggy from chewing his skin raw. They also do wonders to keep him warm in the winter. You can find cute ones like this from Target for $12.99 or you can do what I do and search for them at Marshalls and Ross for half price. Can't beat that!

5 essential dog accessories

4. A Good Quality Dog Bed

If you have better will power than I do and you want your pups to stay off your bed, you'll need to give them good reason. Quality dog beds that won't deflate upon first use can be a tough find. Many pet stores sell so-so beds for astronomical prices. I always have and probably always will go to Costco for my dog beds. Yes, Costco, the place where you can buy enough toilet paper to last you a life time. They sell a few different styles and sizes of dog beds. The quality is pretty top notch (mine have always lasted a long time even with three dogs using them) and the price is just right. The large one being modeled here by gorgeous dogs cost around $40. Most pet stores would sell something smaller for double the price. This huge, comfortable dog bed (yes, I've laid on it before) is their most expensive. The prices only go down from there. We have two, one downstairs and one upstairs, and even though my dogs love them, I still wake up to find them taking up all of my leg room.

5 Essential Dog Accessories

5. Something To Keep Them Busy

Dogs want your attention just as much as children do. With three furry kids just begging for some love and attention, sometimes it's hard to get things done around the house. They do keep each other occupied, but with three dogs running around and clobbering each other, chaos quickly ensues. Toys or bones that can keep my dogs busy and quiet, even only a few minutes, are treasured possessions of ours. The one toy that has been able to keep my dogs' attention longer than any other is the Nylabone Dinosaur Dental Chew. Random, I know. I got one for Hades as a puppy because I noticed plaque build up already on her pearly whites. Ever since then, every single one of my dogs has been hooked. 

5 Essential Dog Accessories

At around $10 a pop, they work good for me because my dogs will work on them without tearing huge chunks off. If your dog can chew through a Nylabone with no issue, this may not be the right busy toy for your. Broken off chunks can be a choking hazard, so may be best to find a more durable chew toy. My dogs chew on them slowly overtime. We've only gone through two, they keep busy with the third one as we speak. Be careful! They can be a household hazard. The hubby often yells out "damn dino bone!" every time he's taken an unsuspecting step on top of it. 

What is your can't live without dog accessory?



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