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Sam Dobson Writes: DIY Halloween Frame

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

DIY Halloween Frame

Sometimes, for no apparent reason, I get an urge to get crafty. Most of the time I end up just pinning project ideas without ever actually bothering to attempt them. Once in great while, I'll actually being a project...and finish it! Most of the crafts I manage to conquer are holiday inspired. They are just so fun and festive, like the googly-eye frame I made last Halloween! It's super easy and makes for a cute seasonal way to display your favorite past Halloween memories.

DIY Halloween Frame

What You'll Need

    DIY Halloween Frame
  • An unfinished frame. The one pictured here is from Michaels for $1. It get's the job done with lots of surface area, but take note that it does not come with a glass pane. 
  • Paint for the background of your frame. Pick any color you'd like. I choose black because it's neutral.
  • A hot glue gun and glue.
  • An assortment of googly eyes. If you will be doing this project with kids, ditch the glue gun and go for the googly eyes with the adhesive back. 
  • Some sort of Halloween adornment. I used this little felt bat ornament that was most likely made to decorate some sort of Halloween tree. 


What To Do

  • Paint the entire face of your frame and let dry. 
  • Decide on placement for your Halloween adornment. Glue it in place. 
  • Glue as many googly eyes as you see fit. 
  • Insert your favorite Halloween pic and display proudly.

DIY Halloween Frame

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