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Sam Dobson Writes: Remedies For Period Pain

Monday, November 3, 2014

Remedies For Period Pain

Warning To All Men: Turn Back Now!

The other day I started my "special" time of the month, more like especially painful time of the month. My husband knows that as soon as the blood starts flowing (excuse the graphic pun) the complaining doesn't stop. The older I get, the more painful the side effects of my period get. The cramps are so painful it feels as if my uterus is imploding on itself. The pain in my lower back can only be compared to the kind Atlas must feel; you know, the guy who carries the world on his back. Okay, I'm being melodramatic but I think you can understand my discomfort. I know this may be caused in part by my lack of birth control use. That's right, I'm not on (or have been in the last three years) any birth control. No, I'm not trying to get pregnant. I just don't like being on it, so I choose not to. Anyways, there is no birth control to damper the unpleasant symptoms. So really, I'm on my own.

Aside from making me uncomfortable in every possible way, Mother Nature always has to rain on my parade, seriously. The day before my wedding I was running around, tying up loose ends and making sure all the finishing touches were done. In the middle of all that scrambling, I started my period. SHIT! My worst day is the second day...which just happened to land on my wedding day. From that moment, my new priority was doing whatever I could to ensure that bitch, Mother Nature, and her "special delivery" wasn't going to ruin my big day. I began by asking all the women around me what they do for cramps and bloating. The following is a list of remedies for period pain from the all the women I love.

Remedies For Period Pain

Over-The-Counter Drugs

First things first, might as well throw back some Advil or Ibuprofen in an attempt to ease your discomfort. You can pick up a bottle of Midol but it's essentially the same thing as your run of the mill aspirin. One of your basic over-the-counter drugs will usually alleviate my cramps and back pain a small amount for a short bit of time. Either I keep popping pills all day or I try some other remedies.

Supplements & Herbs

There are plenty of natural herbs and supplements you can take that will ease cramps, pain, and bloating. Magnesium, vitamin E, and evening primrose oil are just a few natural ways to relieve painful period symptoms. When my period came the day before my wedding, my mom and aunt suggested primrose. I'm pretty sure it helped to alleviate the cramps but I will admit it could have just been all the adrenaline. 

Turn Up The Heat

It's amazing what simple heat can do to alleviate pain. Invest in a hot water bottle or heating pad, it can't cost you more than $20 and it's totally worth it. We have a heating pad and it gets plenty of use when I'm on my period. You can also try Icy Hot products although the creams can be messy and the patches can easily loose adhesive. Another alternative, and the most relaxing, is a warm bath. Soak in the tub to relieve stress and pain. 

Cut Out Caffeine & Alcohol

As much as it pains me to say, according to the experts, a few of my favorite beverages will actually make your period worse. I have indulged in a glass of wine many of times while on my period and I never skip my morning coffee. Caffeine constricts blood vessels which causes cramps and apparently alcohol is just bad for you in general. The experts say to ditch these liquids as they can increase discomfort. I'll leave this one up to you. For me, I think that glass of wine to help me relax is totally worth it and I don't see me giving up my coffee anytime soon.

Stretch & Strike A Pose

Stretching and practicing some gentle yoga can help reduce your discomfort. Stretches that target my hips and lower back are especially relieving for me when suffering from period pain. Many experts say exercise works wonders in alleviating period pain. I don't know about you, but my first and second day are so miserable I can't even fathom going for a run. Light stretching and gentle yoga are just about all I can manage, but they do help. 

Indulge In Massage

If you can afford it, go to the spa and relax with a good massage. On a budget? Go get a pedicure and sit in one of those fancy massage chairs. Maybe if you ask real nice, your husband or boyfriend will help you out with a back rub. Whichever path you choose, your body will be thanking you for it.

How do you alleviate symptoms of your period? What's your secret to relieving cramps, bloating, and back pain?



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