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Sam Dobson Writes: April 2014

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Overcoming Procrastination

What's that old saying? You are your own worst enemy. This couldn't ring more true in my case when it comes to getting shit done. I have procrastination in my blood, always have. It's a miracle I graduated college, really. When Blake and I first started dating, he would be utterly dumbfounded when he'd find me typing away and explaining that I had a paper due in a couple of hours. Days later I'd report my grade of at least a B with a shrug of my shoulders. That's how I rolled. Not because I didn't think I needed more time or because I thought my work was perfect as is, simply because I was (and still am) a habitual procrastinator.

It wasn't just school. I procrastinate in almost all aspects of life. I often wait to the last minute to pay bills or complete chores that have to be done by a certain date. Anything with a deadline becomes a last minute thing. I'll have a month or two until something has to be completed and I will find myself stressing the week before (or worse, days before) to get it done. I don't want to say that this hinders my ability to produce quality work, it just causes unnecessary stress in my life.

When I really start to get lazy and let procrastination temporarily take over my life, I often find myself thinking "what would happen if I really applied myself?". I have so many ideas and aspirations yet I never have time to execute any them, scratch that. I never give myself time to execute them. The couch gets comfortable, the hubby gets lovey, the wine keeps flowing, the distractions and excuses are endless. When I found myself crunching hard yet again under a deadline that "crept up" on me, I thought it might be high time for a change. So I did what I always do, turned to the internet for help.

Tips For Overcoming Procrastination

1. Make Daily To-Do Lists

If you don't already make To-Do lists, get in the habit of doing so. To make the habit stick, make one every day. Have only an errand or two to do one day? Make a list anyways, it will strengthen the habit so that one day it becomes second nature. I make my To-Do lists in the morning and keep it handy all day so that I am frequently reminded of what I aspire to accomplish that day. Out of sight, out of mind is a weakness of mine. Keeping my To-Do list up front and personal all day, will ensure that I don't ignore my daily goals. If you are glued to your phone, download a To-Do app. 

2. Eliminate Distractions

What's your productivity kryptonite? Can't get enough reality TV? Funny Youtube videos keep you laughing all day long? Is social media your constant distraction? Eliminate those distractions that kill your productivity. 
One of my biggest distractions is Pinterest.com...just sucks me in. 

3. Reward Yourself

Any time you are attempting to reach a goal that takes work or motivation, setting a reward is a viable tool. If I write five blog posts this week, I will reward myself with a mani/pedi. If I work out every day this week, I will treat myself with frozen yogurt, or something like that. You get the idea. Make the reward something small that is actually do-able, something you don't normally get or do.  

4. Don't Set Yourself Up For Failure

Setting your goals for the day, week, or month is important for productivity and to keep yourself moving forward. With that being said, setting those goals too high can be damaging to confidence. If you set yourself up for failure, not only will you find yourself behind on the goals you set, your determination could also take a hit. Set goals that are manageable, ones that you can realistically achieve. 

5. Share Your Goals With Friends & Family

Making your goals public knowledge can help motivate you to get things done. For me that could mean announcing on my blog that I intend to finish something by a certain date. Tell your coworker your sale goal for the day or share your weight loss goal with a challenge group. Sharing your goals with others will help keep you accountable.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

8 Steps To Reduce Your Dog's Risk Of Cancer

Today I got some crappy news. My second boxer has been diagnosed with cancerous tumor at the age for four years old. It sucks big time but it is what it is. Moving forward, Hades will be going in to get the tumor removed a week from today. We are acting fast and hopefully that is enough but it is still disappointing. My oldest boxer, Achilles, got his first cancerous tumor removed when he was about three and half years old. From then on, he has had one every three years or so. We have had every one removed and he appears to be healthy otherwise. What I'm worried about is Hades developing the same pattern.

My oldest boxer, Achilles, after his third cancerous tumor removal.
Fear not, he is a trooper. 

Not wanting to make this a tri-annual ordeal, I decided to do some research on what I can do to reduce my gentle boxer's chance of growing another cancerous tumor. I know there is no one thing I can do to prevent her from getting cancer in the future. In fact, boxers are genetically prone to it. But I can do my best to make sure she is as healthy as possible to decrease her risk.

My sweet boxer babe, Hades. 

8 Steps To Decrease Your Dog's Risk Of Cancer

1. Research Your Breed

While researching your dog's breed won't prevent your dog from developing cancer, it will give you a better idea of what kinds of ailments are a risk. Many pure bred dogs are susceptible to specific ailments due to their genetics. Just as boxers are prone to tumors, golden retrievers are genetically susceptible to developing cancer and german shepherds frequently suffer from hip dysplasia. It's important to know what ailments are common in your dog's breed so that you can diligently keep an eye out for those symptoms. I know my beloved boxers are susceptible to tumors so anytime I feel a bump or lump that shouldn't be there, it's straight to the vet. 

2. Spay & Neuter 

As if there aren't enough viable reasons to spay and neuter your dogs already, here is another one: CANCER! Some cancers are almost completely preventable by spay and neuter, like cancers of the reproductive organs. Early spay and neuter can significantly reduce the risk of other types of cancer. Just do it, okay?

3. Quality Dog Food

For the love of god, don't feed your dog crappy dog food! I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you just don't know any better. If you just aren't sure about the quality of your dog food, check out www.dogfoodadvisor.com for a better idea of what you should and shouldn't be feeding your furry children. Dog food with lots of preservatives and fillers is comparable to McDonald's. Would you feed your human kid McDonald's for every meal? If it's colored, ditch it. If the first ingredient isn't a source of protein (duck, chicken, lamb, etc.), toss it. If it's sold at Wal*Mart or the grocery store, skip it. When in doubt about the quality of your dog food and the affects on your pup, consult with your vet. 

4. Filtered Water

For the same reasons you should be drinking bottled or filtered water, so should your dog. If you wouldn't drink the tap, don't serve it your dog. Tap water contains many impurities and chemicals. Avoid supplying your pup with more toxins by using filtered water instead. 

5. Exercise

Don't let your dog get fat or overweight. Regular exercise is essential to your dog's health and happiness. Maintaining a healthy weight is just as important for your dog's health as it is for your own. The best habit for staying in shape is exercise. Take your dogs for daily walks, hikes, or runs. Too tired to run your dog? Take them to doggy daycare (I recommend Paws Pet Resorts) to get out any excess energy. 

6. Ditch the Chemicals

While it is important to prevent and treat fleas and ticks, the constant use of certain chemical treatments can be harmful to your dog's health. I know many vets recommend using a preventative on the regular, but I don't. I only use a flea treatment if I find a flea on one of my dogs. They get oatmeal baths regularly so it's very rare that I find a flea, but when I do, I only treat as needed. Bottom line, excessive use of chemicals such as these can run down your dog's immune system and hinder their ability to fight off any oncoming diseases. 

7. Don't Over Vaccinate

I know this a controversial one, for both people and canines, but it's something to think about. Dogs with diligent owners who follow every instruction the vet has given them may be extremely over vaccinated. Many vets require vaccinations be updated every six months or every year and this can be excessive. While some vaccinations are essential to your dogs health (especially puppy vaccinations), if they are administered too often it can have a negative effect on your dog's immune system. Many vets are adjusting their practice to avoid excessive vaccinations, giving three year vaccinations instead of one and administering titers in which the blood is tested to see if the vaccination is still present in the dog's system. Discuss with your vet which vaccinations are right for your dog and if at any time you feel like it's a bit excessive, get a second opinion!

8. Be Aware of Stress

Just as stress can cause ailments in humans, it can do the same in canines. Many people either are unaware or ignore the fact that their dog is an emotional creature. Our dogs are so in tune with our emotions, they feel what we feel. Heartbroken, sad, angry, happy, giddy, etc. De-stress with your dog by taking him on a walk or throwing the ball. The activity will take his and your  mind off the stress and focused on the fun. The happier you are, the happier your dog will be. 

If you fear your dog is suffering from some sort of ailment that may require medical attention, always consult with your vet. When in doubt, get a second opinion. 


The Science Behind Happy Couples

One of the many indicators of how nerdy I am? I love info-graphics! They are just so handy and compact and they have cute little illustrations to accompany the facts. When I see an info-graphic on a subject I am interested in, I get all into it, carefully examining all the little components. Pinterest has a plethora of fun info-graphics. Some of my favorite ones focused on Shakespeare, Once Upon A Time (currently, my fav TV show), reading statistics, and of course, relationships. Which brings me to the newest gem I found, an info-graphic on the science behind happy couples.

This info-graphic is chocked full of statistics about what happy couples do versus unhappy couples, including habits of those couples that are more likely to get divorced. Of course none of us are guaranteed a happy marriage that will last until death, but we can hope right? Some of the trends listed for happy and unhappy couples are pretty obvious, but it's cool to see the numbers. And yes, I did the math in my head to compare my relationship with these stats. 

No couple is perfect and Blake and I are no exception. While we did share a lot of the characters with the "happy couples", we also mirrored some characteristics of the doomed couples. For example, with regards to the info on fighting, we were a bit in the red. With small squabbles we do a pretty good job of diffusing the situation and putting the tiff to bed fast. However, on those rare occasions when we have a legitimate fight, we don't always fight fair. 

The stats on this info-graphic that surprised me were the ones regarding kids and their effect on couples. A 20 year British study found that couples who were happiest in their marriages included those who had no children. One statistic looked at how having a baby affected a married couple's happiness. Immediately following the birth of their first baby, 33% felt just as satisfied (or more) than before and 67% experienced a big drop in marital satisfaction. Further more, this info-graphic states that married couples are unhappiest when children are in preschool and happier when their youngest child has grown up. 

Okay you moms, don't get your panties in a bunch. I'm not suggesting that kids make marriage miserable. I think these statistics do show truth to the fact that having kids can put a huge strain on the relationship you have with your spouse. Having kids when you aren't ready or aren't very happy in your relationship will just add to the stress and strain between you and your hubby. Of course your little bundle of joy will make you happy, but what happens when you put junior to bed? People who have kids to "fix" their relationship are just as dump as people who get married to "fix" their relationship. This doesn't work, no ifs, ands or buts about it. These are steps that should be taken when your relation ship is at its strongest and happiest. If you aren't sure what that looks like, study this info-graphic! Just don't take it too seriously, it's all in good fun.

PS- I couldn't get the info-graphic any larger no matter what I tried. If you want to be able to clearly read all the little details, download the image to your computer and then you can zoom in and really exam it :)


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Slim Down: 30 Day Challenge

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Easter. I enjoyed one last day of gluttony before I begin a thirty day challenge group, Slim Down for the Summer. It's perfect timing too because I have yet to diet or exercise much since my wedding and I'm really starting to feel sludgy. Sometimes you let yourself get lazy with your healthy habits and they sort of fall to the wayside. After months and months of wedding planning and stress, I allowed myself a break from diet and exercise. Unfortunately, that break has last a lot longer than I intended.

I recently reconnect with an old friend from high school when I commented on one of her many short fitness clips asking if she had a blog, because if she didn't already, she really should. She posts tons of motivating words, health tips, and fitness clips on her Facebook and Instagram accounts. We exchanged a few catch-up emails and soon she invited me to join a health and fitness challenge group that she was putting together. I've never participated in a challenge group before but what better health/fitness plan did I have going on? So, I accepted her invitation and we start today.

As I said, I've never been involved in a challenge group but I must say that so far I'm pretty impressed. Our fearless leader, Elizabeth, has created a private group page on Facebook to act as a home base for all the participants. On this page she has created simply rules to follow and a list of "to-dos" to get us started. Nothing too scary. We need to check in at least once a day with some sort of progress report to help keep us motivated. Our weight, measurements, and a few quick (private) photos will be used to track our accomplishments. A list of nutrition and healthy eating websites have also been provided for our reference.

A screenshot of the
30 day challenge Facebook page. 

I'm excited to get this going. In my "Why" post, I told the group that I just want to feel healthier. I can of course stand to loose some fat, but toning up is what I really have my  heart set on. I also told the group how yoga used to be a regular part of my fitness routine but that it too has fallen to the wayside since my wedding. Another one of my goals is to practice some form of yoga, for however long I can, every day during this challenge and hopefully to continue once it's all said and done. Yoga makes me feel stronger and no matter how cheesy it sounds, melts my stress away.

This 30 day challenge is exactly what I needed to get my health back on track. My goals are simple: practice yoga everyday, tone up, and get all around healthier. Easier said than done though. I'm no fool. I know some days will be easier than others, some days I'll want nothing better than to throw on my pj's and curl up on the couch with some ice cream. That's where the other participants come in. The page is a space for us to motivate each other and hold us accountable. It's team work really. Sometimes you just need positive words from people going through the same thing you are to help you achieve your goals.

Visit Liz's website for health tips, healthy recipe, great workout ideas, and much more!


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Itching & Scratching: What To Do About Dog Allergies

This year is just flying by. Spring is here along with warm sunny days, blooming flowers, and frustrating allergies. Just as I suffer from seasonal allergies, so does my terrier mix, Ignatius. The spring and summer months are worst for his flare ups. If you suffer from allergies, you understand how uncomfortable and painful they can be and your pup will suffer in the same way. 

Signs Your Pup Is Suffering From Seasonal Allergies

When your dog's allergies have really started to make him uncomfortable, the signs are pretty clear. If your pup has started to scratch, lick, and chew a lot more than usual, chances are he is suffering from allergies. When Iggy is fighting allergies he constantly scratches, so much so that Blake used to joke about calling him "Thumper". Aside from being extremely annoying, this excessive scratching and chewing can cause skin abrasions and/or hotspots. It's best to take action when symptoms are still mild.

Tips For Allergy Relief

The first and foremost course of action should be regular baths. This comes with a warning because too much bathing with the wrong shampoo can leave your dog's skin even drier and itchier than it was before. I shoot for once a week bathing (mainly because my pups get crazy and dirty from doggy daycare) with a hypoallergenic, moisturizing, or oatmeal shampoo to help soothe the skin. For extra moisture, we use a conditioner on Iggy's coat for good measure. Iggy's hair grows unruly and wild which just adds to the itchy madness. Anytime he starts to obsessively scratch or chew, the first thing I do is cut his hair (he looks more badass too). 

Itching and scratching can also be signs of fleas. Fleas are most common in the spring and summer months. Fleas can also cause allergies. Poor Iggy could get a single flea bite and like magic, instantly develops a hotspot. If your dog seems to have issues with fleas, make sure you keep up to date with a flea preventative. Keeping the coat short will also help combat fleas and hotspots. 

Natural supplements can also help with the condition of your dog's skin and coat. Omega 3 fatty acid supplements have many health benefits including skin and coat improvement. Coconut oil is another all natural remedy that can be ingested or applied topically. It has been known to help with a number of skin ailments including cuts, rashes, and overall condition of the skin and coat. Coconut oil is becoming more and more popular for not only human use but dog use too. 

If your dog's allergies have gotten out of hand and it's clear your poor pup is extremely uncomfortable or in pain, grab your wallet because it's time to take him to the vet. Your vet may decide to prescribe your dog with a medicated shampoo, rinse, and/or antihistamine. In general, you should always consult with your vet if you suspect your dog is suffering from seasonal allergies and before administering any kind of self-prescribed treatment. Your dog will thank you for it and it will save your sanity. 


Monday, April 14, 2014

You, Your Beau, & Your Op-Sex Bestfriend

In high school I was "one of the guys". I've always kept my circle of girl friends small because, well, girls can be bitches. So, I've always had just a handful of beautiful besties and a small army of boys who were like brothers. Life was slightly less drama free that way. Once I settled down with my future husband, my band of bad boys started to disappear. There was no fall out or ill will, it was only natural. It doesn't happen suddenly, but at some point in a long term relationship you realize that those friends of the opposite sex aren't as involved in your life anymore.

It happens. Distance grows between you and your op-sex bestie when you start to invest yourself in a relationship. I believe this happens for a number of a reasons, but no matter what the reason, it happens gradually. When you began a new relationship, those butterflies keep you wanting more and you begin to spend as much free time as possible with your hot new beau. This, of course, leaves less time to spend with those boys you call "just friends".

When your relationship is in full blown commitment mode and things have started to become routine, you may start to remember the friends you've left behind. This realization sparks the desire to re-connect which in turn, can spark the jealousy of your significant other. This is where I would urge you to proceed with caution. Not because you can't spend time with whoever you like, but because if you don't approach this rekindling friendship with your hubby's feelings in mind, it could be a recipe for a nasty fight.

Because I've always had a lot of guy friends in the past, I've had this argument in just about every relationship I've ever had. It's never been a deal breaker but fighting about anything is never fun. Friends of mine have also had similar arguments with their significant others. I think it's one of those universal conflicts many relationships face. So, this begs the question whether or not it's fair for your spouse to protest a friendship with the opposite sex. Is it acceptable for you to carry on a close friendship with a person of the opposite sex?

As with everything in life, this conflict has no clear, obvious resolution. There are many factors to consider and every situation is different. I think the most important thing to consider when involved in such an argument, is to put yourself in the shoes of your spouse. I know this is the corniest conflict advice in the book, but it is a fundamental tool that should not be overlooked. Just stop and think, how would you feel if your husband or wife went for drinks with an old op-sex friend? How would you feel if your spouse gave you a hard time for grabbing coffee with an old friend that just happened to be opposite sex? Then there is always compromise. What about asking your significant others to tag along and make it a double date?

Before getting worked up and starting a fight, consider your significant other's feelings. Try not to overreact or get jealous (I know, easier said than done). Love is patience and understanding. Bottom line is that this should never be worth a break up. Respect your partner and their feelings and they should do the same in return. As long as you have respect for each other, you'll come to some sort of agreement on this and other disagreements.

Do you get upset when your partner spends time with a friend of the opposite sex? Does your spouse get upset when you spend time with an op-sex friend? What's your compromise?


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Some Of My Favorite Literary Female Powerhouses

I've been reading the third and final installment in the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo series. After getting through the slow and difficult starts of the first two books, I quickly became addicted and Lisbeth became my hero. I love reading novels with strong female leads. They boost my inner warrior goddess and for days I walk around imagining that I am one of them, just kicking ass everywhere I go. That's the beauty of reading; you get to be a different version of yourself, even if for a few moments and only in your mind. If you need a confidence or self esteem pick me up, just pick up one of these books for a lesson in becoming the badass female lead of your own story.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Trilogy)- Lisbeth Salander

Lisbeth has to be one of literatures most badass female characters. Lisbeth has been dealt a shitty hand her whole life. With the exception of a guardian who ends up hospitalized, the people responsible for her well being have let her down and even abused her time and time again. Lisbeth isn't one for self pity and wallow, instead she get's even. Lisbeth is incredibly intelligent despite the authority that says different. She does incredibly well for herself and kicks ass when danger presents itself. Lisbeth is truly a force to be reckoned with.

The Hunger Games (Trilogy)- Katniss Everdeen

One of my favorite heroines in all of literature is Katniss Everdeen. I know, I know, being an English Lit major, my favorite should be someone classic from the literary canon. I would be lying if I said otherwise. Unlike her young adult fiction distant cousin, Bella Swan, Katniss is no damsel in distress. Katniss hunts to feed her family, protects the people she loves, and takes down a corrupt government. While handsome boys sought after her, she can't be bothered with such things. She has more important things to worry about. To sum it up, she is just awesome.

Matilda- Matilda Wormwood

The youngest member of my badass female character list, Matilda doesn't let the unfortunate circumstance of crappy parents prevent her from following her dreams. At just five and half years old, Matilda reads through dozens of books and begs her deadbeat parents to let her go to school. Once in school, Matilda does her best to learn under the oppression of the cruel principle. Matilda is not only incredibly bright, but learns to control her psychokinetic powers so that she can stand up to her many bullies. Needless to say, I totally wished I had Matilda's psychokinetic abilities as a kid, then I'd rule the world...muhahaha!

The Scarlet Letter- Hester Prynne

Often seen as a victim of Puritan values, Hester is so much more than that. With a husband in Europe, Hester has a baby out of wedlock and faces the harsh criticism and public shaming with dignity and pride. A woman condemned by her community, Hester must wear an "A" for adulteror and face her vengeful husband. Hester does her best to not let the judgement and alienation affect the life of her daughter, Pearl. Hester is resilient, carries out her own punishment with poise, and never wavers as a good mother. If only she'd been born in the twentieth century, then Hester's story would be nothing special and instead of community exile she would only suffer mere gossip.

The Harry Potter Series- Hermione Granger

The brains of the Hogwarts trio, Hermione is not one to sit quietly in the back of the class. When the boys get in to trouble, Hermione is always there to back them up, cautioning them to think before acting. She's the brightest pupil in class and isn't afraid to show it. Despite being teased for her Mudblood background, Hermione doesn't let the opinions of others affect her self-worth. If I had a daughter, she would have no choice but to read the adventures of Hermione Granger over Bella Swan.

The Help- Skeeter, Aibileen, & Minny

I loved this book and the characters in it. Skeeter is a woman after my own heart, fresh out of college and seeking a writing career. She takes action, reaching out to a big publisher in New York and then takes an even bigger risk when she chooses to write a book shining light on the plight that still exists for African Americans in the 1960's. Her aide in this endeavor is Aibileen, a black maid helping raise her seventeenth white baby. Aibileen is the first person brave enough to help Skeeter with her novel. Aibileen is successful in convincing other maids to tell their stories too. The last maid to agree to contribute to the book is Minny. Minny only tells her shameful story because she knows it will protect her friends. Afterall, who would admit to eating a shit pie?!


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wine Snob Lessons: How To Open A Bottle Without Cutting Yourself

There is nothing better than a glass of good wine. After a long day of work, to start off girls' night, or with a delicious steak dinner, there is a good reason for a good glass of wine. I didn't always appreciate wine, now its usually my drink of choice. I was always an ice cold beer girl or whiskey and diet coke. When I was first introduced to wine I started with the sweet stuff, the kind that would make me sick from too much sugar nowadays. When I outgrew white zinfandel, any white wine would do. Finally, I developed a taste for reds.

I really started to appreciate red wine during our honeymoon in Napa. Blake and I were lucky enough to celebrate our nuptials with a relaxing vacation in wine country where we indulged in delicious food and fabulous wine. With guidance from my aunt, the sommelier, we drank a variety of amazing wine to discover our preferences. I had officially become a wine-o with my husband in tow. We brought home four bottles from Napa and they didn't last long. 

My taste buds and affliction for wine may have my mind tricked into believing I'm a wine know it all, but I'm far from it. I like wine because it tastes good and relaxes me, but I will still fail every blind wine taste test. I can't differentiate one type from another without reading the label. In fact, I usually pick wine with the cutest labels or most clever names. I even have a hard time opening the bottles. Sometimes I break the cork and it crumbles into the bottle. I've even cut my finger on the thick foil that covers the top of the bottle. I'm not the only one. The other evening Jo, my mother in law, cut a decent little slice on her palm while opening a bottle for us to sip on.

This inspired me to google the correct way to open a bottle of wine for two reasons. One, we wouldn't cut our hands on the foil anymore. Two, I'd actually know a little something about wine even it was just how to open a bottle correctly. My google search led me to a great Youtube video that gives a clear and simple demonstration. See, you really do learn something new every day. Cheers!

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How To Be A Grateful Guest

It's been a week since we've moved out of our little apartment but we are still a couple of weeks away from closing on our new home. My mother-in-law has been incredibly generous to let Blake, me, and all three dogs stay with her until we can move into our new home. Not only is she letting us practically take over her home, she has gone above and beyond to make us and the dogs feel welcome. We awake to breakfast burritos and freshly brewed coffee. She even bought the pups two very large, plush beds to make them feel more at home. For a temporary living situation that pits five adults and three dogs together in a relatively small space, we've been getting along just dandy.

Thankful to have family willing to take in not only me and my husband but my motley crew of dogs too, I want to make sure that we don't take advantage of the kindness that has been extended our way. While my mother in law spent the weekend wining and dining in Napa Valley for her birthday, I did my best to keep the house in order. I spent the weekend cleaning around three gigantic boys, picking up the dishes they left behind, washing the couch covers full of dog hair, and tiding up where it was needed. Now I have some sort of vision of what it would be like to have three boys, yikes! Kudos to Jo, my mother in law, for raising three very well mannered garbage disposals. From what I've seen, she could do it with her eyes closed and her hands behind her back.

Anyways, my goal was to have the house spotless when she arrived Sunday evening so that she would have nothing to do on Monday, her birthday, but relax and enjoy herself. I even got flowers, a gift certificate to her favorite nail salon, and a card for all the boys to sign. It was a damn near impossible feat to keep the house clean with all those boys, but somehow I managed. Pretty proud of myself, I went to bed Sunday night as Jo was on her way home from the airport. I usually take the dogs to work with me, but this week is spring break so business was booming and I had to go in extra early to help. As I crept out of the house, I asked my half-asleep husband to take the dogs potty before he left. My plan was to run up to the house to grab the dogs for some doggy daycare when I had a minute to sneak away. It wasn't long before my husband texted to tell me that Iggy had shit in the house, very near to where my mother in law sleeps. To make matters worse, the puppy, Levy, decided she would take some of that poop up with her onto my brother in law's bed.

Lovely. All that work to keep the house clean so Jo wouldn't have to do a thing Monday morning and she wakes up to dog crap all over the house. She's a good sport, even laughed it off, but I wasn't so amused. My dogs know better than that and my husband later admitted to only giving them a chance to go number one as he rushed to get to work on time. Needless to say, I hate imposing on people. My goal is to make our stay as smooth as possible, not chaotic and messy. When someone extends kindness your way, you must respond with kindness. If someone opens their home to you, clean their kitchen, help with their laundry, do a grocery run. You should be helping out in anyway you can to make their life a little less stressful. You may feel like you displaced and your life is a little out of order, but imagine how difficult it must be for them to have their life momentarily upturned as well. It's all about kindness, give and you shall receive.

Picture Source: Ordinarymom.ca


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Do You Go Commando?

The other day I woke up to a text informing me that there was a schedule mix up and just like that, my morning turned into a frantic scramble to get out the door. In my scurry, I somehow forgot to put on underwear and didn't realize it until I was pulling in the parking lot at work. Oh well, it'd just have to wait until my lunch break no matter how uncomfortable I felt.

As I did my normal routine sans undies, I got to thinking that going commando is not uncommon. In fact, I have a friend (who shall remain nameless, of course) who goes commando almost 100% of the time. I wondered what the pros and cons of rockin' no panties were. It's only natural that I would research it, because why the hell not?

The most obvious benefits of ditching your knickers have nothing to do with health. Going commando is a sure fire way to avoid panty lines and has been known to make women feel a sense of "empowerment". Be careful though, leaving your skivvies at home will turn your man on, but it can also lead for an embarrassing situation if you aren't mindful in that mini skirt (hello, Britney Spears!).

Spending your day au naturel can have it's down sides too. Your ob-gyn will warn of germs that your lady parts may be more susceptible to when wearing that short dress in those sketchy nightclubs with questionably clean furniture, ew. Going panty-less may also cause some trouble during that special time of the month. You should probably just suit up for that week.

While there aren't any definitive health benefits of going commando throughout the day, there has been some consensus that letting it all air out in bed is the way to go. Sleeping in the nude can allow your nether region to breathe. Underwear traps moisture and in some cases, excessive moisture can create a yeast problem. If you just don't feel secure without your undies, go for a light, airy material.

The conclusion I've come to is that when it comes to going commando, it's all about preference. If you prefer to let it all hang out, just be classy about it. Whether you ditch the underwear or never leave home without it, always practice cleanliness. Do whatever makes you comfortable and should you decide to "forget" your delicates at home, it can be your little secret.