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Sam Dobson Writes: Taking A Leap Of Faith

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Taking A Leap Of Faith

You'll have to forgive me. I know I've been pretty much MIA these past few weeks, but I have a good reason. At least, I think it's a good reason. The first week I went silent because I got terribly ill. I had the worst stomach flu I can ever remember having. It knocked me off my feet for three days and robbed me of my appetite for a week. Luckily, my bout with the flu happened when it did because just a week later I was set to start my new job. Between being incapacitated by the flu and busy learning the ins and outs of a new job, blogging sort of fell to the wayside...temporarily.

Yes, you read that correctly. I got a new job. Even as I type it now, I'm smiling from ear to ear. I love my new job and am so glad I made the jump. Don't get me wrong, I was terrified to leave my comfy job of 8+ years. Through every step of the interviewing process I was nervous and constantly thinking about how scared I was to leave my comfort zone. Nevertheless, I showed up to each interview, responded to every email, and took the offer. I am now a content editor for a social media agency.

My previous job had meaning (you know, the rescuing dogs part), I loved the dogs, and enjoyed my coworkers...most of the time. However, it was never what I set out to do and that always stuck around in the back of my mind. I've always known that I wanted more and had longed for the day I would finally be given such an opportunity. When the odds of me getting an offer started to grow, I was surprised to find myself fretting. It wasn't because I didn't want the job, it was because I was somewhat terrified to leave my comfort zone. What if I failed? Would I succeed in a new field? Would I get along with my new coworkers? Could this be something that I was not only good at but happy with?

That's what they call a leap of faith, right? It's about leaving behind something you know for something you don't in the hopes that it will all work out. Even though I was unsure of what was to come, I knew that I had to take that chance. It's okay to be afraid of the unknown, but you can't let it cripple your ability to move forward. To remind myself, I framed one of my new favorite quotes and hung above my desk at home.

Taking A Leap Of Faith
This quote is from a short poem written by Erin Hanson.
This image has been making the rounds on Pinterest.
Although I attempted to find where it originated from, I failed.
 If anyone knows, please do tell so I can give credit where it's due. 

I know, I know, I went on a tangent about overcoming your fears and taking leaps of faith. It's not a bad message though, right? My whole point in all of this was to say that I aim to get back on track with my posts as I juggle life, love, and a new career.

Cheers to moving forward!



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