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Sam Dobson Writes: DIY Party: Succulent Gardens

Monday, March 2, 2015

DIY Party: Succulent Gardens

So this past weekend was my best friend Devin's birthday. Her live-in boyfriend works on boats in Alaska for a few weeks at a time and he just so happened to be away for her 28th birthday. That meant we would be celebrating as girls only. Had this been a few years ago, we'd have taken our time getting ready while sipping cheap red wine before going out for a long night on the town. Not that we don't still enjoy those nights once in a while, but for this occasion we had a lovely, relaxing (age appropriate) girls' day in honor of our beautiful friend.

This particular friend is an event planner by day so naturally she hosts the best gatherings. We arrived at Dev's house late Saturday morning. She had planned a therapeutic DIY paired with a sappy chick-flick. Top that all off with champagne and you've got the ultimate ladies' day. The plan was to plant little one-pot succulent gardens. I think we all did a fabulous job if I do say so myself.

DIY Party: Succulent Gardens

Before we get our hands dirty, let's start with refreshments. We started with some of my favorite necessities; champagne, berries, cheese, and crackers. We did go on to more substantial food including a delicious tortellini soup prepared by another bestie, Emily. Don't worry, I'll update you when I get that recipe.

DIY Party: Succulent Gardens

Okay, enough with the tasty details and back to the DIY part.

Devin lined her kitchen table with brown crate paper and labeled a spot for each of us. With champagne in hand, we each picked out one of our favorite succulents to start with.

DIY Party: Succulent Gardens

We used pieces of broken pots to line the bottom of our pots. Apparently this is necessary for proper drainage. (I learned a lot about how to keep succulents alive during this party. Yes, the struggle is real for me.) 

DIY Party: Succulent Gardens

After the bottom of our pots were proper lined with jagged ceramic and then topped with soil, it was time to plant our succulents. 

Devin had us add pebbles and rocks to our gardens for aesthetics and drainage, of course (it's all about the drainage, apparently). 

I think all of our succulent gardens turned out beautifully and it really was a relaxing and therapeutic day with some of my favorite people. After we admired our handiwork, we cuddled up on the couch with some tortellini soup, hot tea, and a Rachel McAdams love story. We all agreed that we need to do stuff like this more often. 

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