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Sam Dobson Writes: My Favorite Cold Pressed Products

Monday, April 13, 2015

My Favorite Cold Pressed Products

In this era of fitness and nutrition crazes, it can be hard to keep up or even to know which ones are worth keeping up with. Which ones are just crazy fads and which ones should I be making healthy habits? This, of course, requires a bit of research, at which point I usually loose curiosity and move on. Sometimes, I end up trying something, loving it, and find out later that's good for me. Recently, I've stumbled on the cold pressed bandwagon.

Juicing and juice cleanses have been all the rave for the past few years, but now there is a whole new type of juice to consider- cold pressed juice. Unlike juice made with a centrifugal juicer, cold pressed juices contain more vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes- produced from a process that allows the juice to retain the maximum amount of all this good stuff. Juice shops specializing in cold pressed juices, like Pressed Juicery, have become incredibly popular, primarily funded by yogis and cross fit enthusiasts. All joking aside, I do like Pressed Juicery in particular for their relatively bountiful selection. Aside from the multiple green varieties (which make me feel super healthy, even if only for a minute), they also offer a vanilla coffee recipe allows you to have your caffeine without the side of guilt. There are multiple locations throughout California or you can buy online and have them shipped.

Cold Pressed Juice
Photo Credit: Fashion blogger, @mychaneltaste.
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Cold pressed technology is no longer just for juicing. Many companies, like Raw Sugar Living, are embracing cold pressed technology in order to provide their customers with pure and natural products. Raw Sugar uses cold pressed technology to extract pure nutrients from natural ingredients (like grapefruit, cucumber, and coconut, to name a few), to create good-for-you soaps and body washes. The result is a line of products that make your skin feel super smooth and smell freaking amazing! When I use the Hard To Hold (lemon sugar formula) bar soap, my shower smells heavenly. I love that the bar soaps have massage bumps on one side, great for helping wash the stress away after a long day. The Awash In Expectation (vanilla bean and sugar formula) body wash makes my skin feel so smooth. I use it with a loofah so it gets extra sudsy, which I love. These products are made locally, here in Southern California, and are only sold at Target, in stores or online.

Raw Sugar Body Wash
My fav Raw Sugar products in my shower. 

These are a just a few of the many cold pressed products available today. If natural ingredients is something you look for when shopping, consider giving cold pressed products a try. Products made from cold pressed technology are not only good for consumption, but also for hydrating the skin. I can't wait to discover even more cold pressed goodies! Given the positive track record I've had so far, I'm definitely willing to try more. Do you have a favorite cold pressed product? Tell me about it so I can add to my stash.

**By the way, I was not given any products from Pressed Juicery and all opinions are my own. I do work for a company that represents Raw Sugar Living, but all opinions expressed here are solely my own. I would never recommend a product that I did not believe in.



At May 7, 2015 at 2:41 PM , Anonymous Diane said...

I love me some Pressed Juice! :)



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